Estudo teórico e experimental de propriedades hiperfinas e eletrónicas de materiais multiferróicos
tipo de financiamento Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
programa FCT/CNR-Italia
CNR 6818
grupo(s) de investigação 2 - nanoestruturas e cerâmicos ferróicos multifuncionais ;
departamento Physics (DF)
período de execução 2013-01-01 - 2014-12-31 ( 24 Meses )
This project aims at strengthening the collaboration between the partner groups on the study of multiferroic materials, their surfaces and nanostructures.  The combination of complementary theoretical and experimental methods envisages a consistent understanding of the cross relation between local electron density and locally probed hyperfine and electronic properties. The use of ab-initio methods allows to  separate the  analysis of various parameters that can influence the properties of materials (strain,  impurities, heteroepitaxy). The local hyperfine properties studies, whose experimental part is currently performed at ISOLDE-CERN using radioactive ions with  international collaborations, allows the study at the nanoscale level, probing the role of atomic scale structure. Young researchers, within Ph.D. and post-doctoral projects, will greatly benefit from this project, by the added value of training and personal interaction in both institutions.
/ip local
Vitor Brás Sequeira Amaral
ciceco status Coordenador
instituição proponente Universidade de Aveiro (UA)
instituições participante(s) Istituto Superconduttori, Materiali e Dispositivi Innovativi CNR-SPIN, UOS L'Aquila
participação industrial Não
parceiro(s) internacional Sim
orçamento total 2.500€
orçamento ciceco 2.500€