Graphene electronic fibres with touch-sensing and lightemitting functionalities for smart textiles
authors E. T. Alonso, D. P. Rodrigues, M. Khetani, D.-W. Shin, A. De Sanctis, H. Joulie, I. de Schrijver, A. Baldycheva, H. Alves, A. I. S. Neves, S. Russo, M. F. Craciun
nationality International
journal Npj Flexible Electronics
abstract The true integration of electronics into textiles requires the fabrication of devices directly on the fibre itself using high-performance materials that allow seamless incorporation into fabrics. Woven electronics and opto-electronics, attained by intertwined fibres with complementary functions are the emerging and most ambitious technological and scientific frontier. Here we demonstrate graphene-enabled functional devices directly fabricated on textile fibres and attained by weaving graphene electronic fibres in a fabric. Capacitive touch-sensors and light-emitting devices were produced using a roll-to-roll-compatible patterning technique, opening new avenues for woven textile electronics. Finally, the demonstration of fabric-enabled pixels for displays and position sensitive functions is a gateway for novel electronic skin, wearable electronic and smart textile applications.
publisher Springer Nature
year published 2018
volume 2
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1038/s41528-018-0040-2
file paper1.pdf
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