Gold nanoparticles-based assays for biodetection in urine
authors Maria António, Rui Vitorino, Ana L. Daniel-da-Silva
nationality International
journal Talanta
abstract Urine is a biofluid easy to collect through a non-invasive technique that allows collecting a large volume of sample. The use of urine for disease diagnosis is not yet well explored. However, it has gained attention over the last three years. It has been applied in the diagnosis of several illnesses such as kidney disease, bladder cancer, prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In the last decade, gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) have attracted attention in biosensors’ development for the diagnosis of diseases due to their electrical and optical properties, ability to conjugate with biomolecules, high sensitivity, and selectivity. Therefore, this article aims to present a comprehensive view of state of the art on the advances made in the quantification of analytes in urinary samples using AuNPs based assays, with a focus on protein analysis. The type of diagnosis methods, the Au NPs synthesis approaches and the strategies for surface modification aiming at selectivity towards the different targets are highlighted.
year published 2021
volume 230
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