A simple approach for the determination and characterization of ternary phase diagrams of aqueous two-phase systems composed of water, poly (ethylene) glycol and sodium carbonate
authors Capela, EV; Santos, JHPM; Boal-Palheiros, I; Carvalho, PJ; Coutinho, JAP; Ventura, SPM; Freire, MG
nationality International
journal Chemical Engineering Education
abstract In this work, an experimental protocol to determine liquid-liquid phase diagrams of aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) in a chemical engineering course is described. Throughout this laboratory set of experiments, students will determine liquid-liquid ternary phase diagrams, comprising the solubility curves, tie-lines, tie-line lengths and critical points, for systems composed of poly(ethylene) glycol, sodium carbonate and water. Furthermore, students will apply the NRTL (Non-Random Two Liquid) model to fit the experimental tie-lines.
year published 2019
volume 53
issue 2
beginning page 112
ending page 120
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