Double-Quantum 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Bathorhodopsin, the First Photointermediate in Mammalian Vision
authors M. Concistrè, A. Gansmüller, N. McLean, O. G. Johannessen, I. Marín Montesinos, P. H. M. Bovee- Geurts, P. Verdegem, J. Lugtenburg, R. C. D. Brown, W. J. DeGrip and M. H. Levitt
nationality International
journal Journal of the American Chemical Society
abstract The 13C chemical shifts of the primary visual photointermediate bathorhodopsin have been observed by performing double-quantum magic-angle-spinning NMR at low temperature in the presence of illumination. Strong isomerization shifts have been observed upon the conversion of rhodopsin into bathorhodopsin.
year published 2008
volume 130
beginning page 10490
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1021/ja803801u
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