Delocalized cationic azo dyes derived from 2-aminoselenazole-5-carbaldehyde
authors Salvador, MA; Reis, LV; Almeida, P; Santos, PF
journal ARKIVOC
author keywords Azo dyes; delocalized; cationic; selenazole; solvatochromism
abstract Several delocalized cationic azo dyes incorporating a selenazole ring have been prepared by Knoevenagel condensation of an intermediate azo compound bearing a 5-formylselenazole group with methylene bases derived from indolenine, benzothiazole, benzoselenazole, and quinoline. All dyes display a strong absorption at around 700 nm, bathochromically shifted relative to their thiazole analogues, and show a negative solvatochromic behavior.
publisher ARKAT USA INC
issn 1551-7004
year published 2008
beginning page 90
ending page 95
web of science category Chemistry, Organic
subject category Chemistry
unique article identifier WOS:000265191300008
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