Tunable energy transfer process in heterometallic MOFs materials based on 2,6-naphtalenedicarboxylate: solid-state lighting and near-infrared luminescence thermometry
authors Germán E. Gomez, Riccardo Marin, Albano N. Carneiro Neto, Alexandre M. P. Botas, Jeffrey Ovens, Alexandros A. Kitos, Maria C. Bernini, Luís D. Carlos, Galo J. A. A. Soler-Illia, Muralee Murugesu
nationality International
journal Chemistry of Materials
publisher ACS Publications
year published 2020
volume 32
issue 17
beginning page 7458
ending page 7468
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1021/acs.chemmater.0c02480
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journal impact factor 9.567
5 year journal impact factor 10.102
category normalized journal impact factor percentile 88.386
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