Teaching Creativity - Creativity in Teaching.
authors Almeida P, Teixeira-Dias JJ, Medina J
editors Claus Nygaard, Nigel Courtney, Clive Holtham
chapter title Building a culture of Creativity while engaging science students in inquiry
abstract Containing inspiring examples from people professionally engaged in teaching, learning, and assessment, this book offers new theoretical approaches to the understanding of creativity in higher education teaching and learning. In this informative debate, researchers and practitioners from different continents discuss how students’ creative capacity can be improved, covering a variety of topics, including creating learning environments that nurture and value doctoral creativity; the influence of generation membership, culture, and personality factors on students’ creative learning preferences; and how assessment practices affect the conditions for creativity and thus students’ experiences of learning. This is an essential book for anyone wanting to identify ways to develop a curriculum that genuinely fosters the imagination.
publisher Libri Publishing
isbn 978-1907471179
year published 2010
beginning page 85
ending page 101

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