Ionic Liquids in the Biorefinery Concept: Challenges and Perspectives (RSC Green Chemistry)
authors Matheus M. Pereira, João A. P. Coutinho and Mara G. Freire
editors Rafal Bogel-Lukasik
chapter title Ionic Liquids as Efficient Tools for the Purification of Biomolecules and Bioproducts from Natural Sources
abstract The implementation of ionic liquids technologies in future biorefineries is challenging. Different approaches can be applied along the entire chain of biomass valorisation to achieve a specific target molecule, from biomass pre-treatment and fractionation processes to extraction, downstream separation and purification methodologies of high value added products and pivot chemicals. This book summarises recent achievements in the use of ionic liquids in biomass processing as an alternative to conventional processes, particularly in the context of green chemistry. It features real-world case studies where high value-added products have been obtained using ionic liquid processing, demonstrating the practical applications of these technologies. The book concludes by assessing the development of further biorefineries with ionic liquids. The book is an important reference for researchers and practising chemists, bringing readers up-to-date with current research in this field.
publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
isbn 978-1-84973-976-4
year published 2015
beginning page 227
ending page 257