International Conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics
authors André PS, Vicente CMS, Fernandes V, Marques PG, Marques C, Pecoraro E, Nogueira RN, Wada N, Carlos LD, Ferreira RAS
chapter title Integrated optics structures on sol-gel derived organic-inorganic hybrids for optical communications
nationality International
abstract Organic-inorganic hybrid materials are a technologically key class of advanced multifunctional materials that fulfil the challenging strict requirements of the beginning of the century: higher levels of sophistication, miniaturisation, recyclability, reliability and low energy consumption with potential to be used as low-cost components in optical networks operating at high bit rates. In this work, high-rejection optical filters (19 dB) first-order Bragg gratings inscribed in channel waveguides written in thin films of sol-gel derived organic-inorganic hybrid based on methacrylic acid modified zirconium tetrapropoxide, Zr(OPrn)4, (so-called di-ureasils), using UV-laser direct-write method.
publisher SPIE
isbn 9,78082E+12
year published 2011
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.1117/12.894538

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