Industrial Waste
authors Arroja L, Capela I,Nadais H, Serafim LS, Silva S
chapter title Acidogenic Valorisation of High Strength Waste Products from Food Industry
edition Chapter 12
nationality International
abstract This book is intended to fulfil the need for state-of-the-art development on the industrial wastes from different types of industries. Most of the chapters are based upon the ongoing research, how the different types of wastes are most efficiently treated and minimized, technologies of wastes control and abatement, and how they are released to the environment and their associated impact. A few chapters provide updated review summarizing the status and prospects of industrial waste problems from different perspectives. The book is comprehensive and not limited to a partial discussion of industrial waste, so the readers are acquainted with the latest information and development in the area, where different aspects are considered. The user can find both introductory material and more specific material based on interests and problems. For additional questions or comments, the users are encouraged to contact the authors.
publisher InTech
isbn 978-953-51-0253-3
year published 2011

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