Structure and Physical Properties Studies on Multiferroic Oxide Films and Heterostructures
authors Seyedeh Pegah Mirzadeh Vaghefi
supervisors Vitor Bras de Sequeira Amaral, Joaquim Agostinho Gomes Moreira
thesis type doctrol
author keywords Multiferroic materials, Thin films, Heterostructure, Manganites, Magnetization, Magnetoresistance, Probe microscopy, Electron microscopy
abstract This present PhD work made a study of structural aspects and physical properties of the oxide films and multiferroic heterostructures, encompassing the techniques from macroscopic level to microscopic description. The understanding of novel multifunctional epitaxial heterostructures and their interfaces for magneto-electrically driven tunnel junctions and spin-filters is the central objective. The main materials in study were La based doped manganites with magnetoelectric effect prepared on different substrates and growth conditions, optimized for epitaxy and interface quality. The combined study of electric and magnetic properties allowed us examining the conditions required for application of the studied multiferroic materials and experimental techniques are presented in this work.\\ The work consists of three main substrates, a systematic study of microstructure of La$_{0.7}$Sr$_{0.3}$MnO$_3$ thin films on SrTiO$_3$ substrate, prepared by pulsed laser deposition, the La${0.9}$Ba${0.1}$MnO$_3$ thin film and
year published 2016
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