distinction academy of sciences of lisbon

"Academic Correspondent of Academy of Sciences of Lisbon : Chemistry Sciences"

Full professor at Chemistry Department from University of Aveiro and Director of Associated Laboratory "Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials - CICECO".  Recently the Sciences Academy of Lisbon, granted him the "highest distinction given to a scientist in Portugal", the one of Academic Correspondent of Academy of Sciences of Lisbon : Chemistry Sciences". We speak of João Rocha, the researcher whose motto is "If what we have done is not useful, the glory will be vain.


paper in the area of Bioprocess Engineering

CICECO researcher worldwide awarded by Process Systems Enterprise Ltd. (PSE)

Process Systems Enterprise Ltd. (PSE) has just rewarded the paper «Characterization of na Extracellular Lipase Form Yarrowia lipolytica», outcome of the research work coordinated by Professors João Coutinho, from Chemistry Department, University of Aveiro, and Alice Coelho, from Biochemistry Engineering Department of Federal University from Rio de Janeiro, also co-authored by A. Brígida, P. Amaral and L. Gonçalves, from the last mentioned University.

The distinction took place at the 6th European Congress on Chemical Engineering, held from the 16th to 21st September 2007, in Copenhagen.


"outstanding chinese students abroad 2006" prize

CICECO PhD student distinguished by Chinese government

Fu Zhi, PhD student from University of Aveiro was recently awarded the prize "Outstanding Chinese Students Abroad 2006", annually granted by Chinese government, as recognition for so far achieved results in his doctorate work, developed as representative of the Chinese community in Portugal, and its ethics characteristics, commitment and approach towards science and life.


study developed by the young scientist Sergio Pereira

CICECO research in the area of nanotechnology awarded with research prize

Sérgio Manuel de Sousa Pereira, researcher at Associated Laboratory from CICECO, has been distinguished by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation with the research Prize "Estímulo à Investigação 2006".

The financial support of 12,500 euros is for his research of "Integração e manipulação à nanoescala de nanocristais coloidais em heteroestruturas epitaxiais de baixa dimensionalidade opticamente activas".


awarded by the Portuguese PhD Association in France

CICECO researcher receives prize Celestino da Costa / Jean Perrin

Luis Mafra, researcher of Associated Laboratory CICECO and Chemistry Department,  from University of Aveiro, received on the 21st December, the Prize Celestino da Costa / Jean Perrin, awarded by the Portuguese PhD Association in France.