research quality once more recognized

researcher from CICECO distinguished by Chinese Ceramic Society

Professor José Maria Ferreira, from Glass and Ceramics Engineering Department, from UA, was awarded with the Chinese Ceramic Society prize during the "4th China International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-4)' which took place in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, in October.

The prize, which so far distinguished only eight scientists in the world, awarded the contribution of José Maria Ferreira for the CICC conferences.


in the biotechnology field

project developed at CICECO wins 1st national entrepreneurship contest

The project FoodMetric, authored by young researchers from biotechnology area at the University of Aveiro, was the winner of the I (First) National Entrepreneurship Contest. This project aimed the development of innovative solutions for the analysis of chemical composition and food quality, much faster than conventional methods.


distinction given in Lisbon

13 researchers of UA rewarded with “Estímulo à Excelência 2004” and “Estímulo à Excelência 2005”

13 researchers from the University of Aveiro were awarded with the prize "Estímulo à Excelência" given by the Foundation for Science and Technology, 9 of them from CICECO. There were José Maria da Fonte Ferreira, Paula Vilarinho, Andrei Kholkin, Fernando Bico Marques, Luis Dias Carlos, João Rocha, Jorge Frade, José Teixeira Dias, Vladislav Kharton and Yevgeniy Naumovich.