Filipa Lourosa Sousa
  Auxiliary Researcher  
  extension: 23549  
  department: Chemistry  
  office: 15.3.23  
  group: 1 - inorganic functional nanomaterials and organic-inorganic hybrids
  line: 1 - information and communication technology
  direct url:  


Filipa graduated in Chemistry in 2000 at Universidade de Aveiro. In 2003 she completed a master in Ciência e Engenharia de Materiais at the same University, "Novos sistemas luminescentes de polioxometalatos contendo lantanídeos". Following her interest on polyoxometalate chemistry, in 2004 she moved to Germany to obtain a Ph.D degree in the  group of Prof. Dr. Achim Muller, "Construction of new polyoxomolybdate architectures", February 2010. During the Ph.D period, she participated in one European Project, one 1 project with industry and 2 projects financed by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Filipa then decided to develop her career in Portugal, she moved to CICECO where she’s a post‐doc investigating the use of emulsions for encapsulation of active materials (supervisor Prof. Tito Trindade). She published 1 international book chapter and 20 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, summing 210 citations without self-citations and an h-index of 11.

scientific interests

- Microencapsulation of bioative substances

- Smart and functional inorganic capsules for bioapplications

- Magnetic properties of dry fluids

- Molecular metal-oxide clusters and metal-oxide based materials

ongoing scientific supervisions