Leonel Marques Vitorino Joaquim
  Assistant Professor  
  extension: 23 144  
  e-mail: lmarques@ua.pt  
  department: Physics  
  group: 1 - inorganic functional nanomaterials and organic-inorganic hybrids
  line: 1 - information and communication technology
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  direct url: http://www.ciceco.ua.pt/LeonelJoaquim  
Short CV

Leonel Marques Joaquim is "Professor Auxiliar" at the University of Aveiro and member of the Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials-CICECO.

He got his Ph.D. in 1996 from the University Joseph Fourier-Grenoble1,  France, working on the high-pressure phase transformations of fullerite C60 (supervisor Dr. Jean-Louis Hodeau). He has been in the Physics Department, Aveiro University, since 1996.

He published 23 SCI papers and 2 book chapters, cited more than 1300 times (without self-citations).

Scientific Interests

Phase transformations at high pressure and high temperature.

Structure analysis by diffraction techniques.

Synthyesis of new nanostructured carbon phases.

Present Research Group

Y. Skorokhod, post-doctoral fellow


Main present collaborators

J-L. Hodeau, Institut Néel, Grenoble (France).

M. Mezouar, European Synchrotron Radiation Facilty, Grenoble (France).

M. Alvarez-Murga, European Synchrotron Radiation Facilty, Grenoble (France).


Teaching Activity

Leonel has been involved in the teaching and the coordination of different subjects: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Mechanics of Deformable Bodies, Mechanics, General Physics, Materials Charactrization Techniques ...

Present projects

"High-pressure synthesis and structure determination of novel nanostructured materials"

PTDC/FIS/104310/2008 supported by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

Selected Publications

L. Marques, M. Mezouar, J.-L. Hodeau, M. Núñez-Regueiro, N. R Serebryanaya, V. A. Ivdenko, V. D. Blank and G. A. Dubitsky, Science, 283, 1720 (1999).

M. Núñez-Regueiro, L. Marques, J. -L. Hodeau, O. Béthoux, and M. Perroux, Phys. Rev. Lett. 74, 278-281 (1995).

L. Marques, M. Mezouar, J-L. Hodeau, and M. Núñez-Regueiro, Phys. Rev. B 68, 193408 (2003).

L. Marques, M. Mezouar, J.-L. Hodeau and M. Núñez-Regueiro, Phys. Rev. B 65, 100101 (2002).

M. Mezouar, L. Marques, J-L. Hodeau, V. Pischedda and M. Núñez-Regueiro, Phys. Rev. B 68, 193414 (2003).

L. Marques, J. -L. Hodeau, M. Núñez-Regueiro, M. Perroux, Phys. Rev. B 54, R12633-R12636 (1996).