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CNRS - INEE - ECCOREV (Unité FR3098)
OHMi Estarreja-OHM Bassin Minier de Provence
Europôle méditerranéen de L'Arbois, Bât du CEREGE - BP 80
13545 Aix en Provence Cedex 4, France

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Previous publications

Sousa ACA, Coelho SD, Pastorinho MR, Taborda-Barata L, Nogueira AJA, Isobe T, Kunisue T, Takahashi S, Tanabe S (2017) Levels of TBT and other selected organotin compounds in duplicate diet samples. Science of the Total Environment 574: 19-23;

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Amaro R, Coelho SD, Pastorinho MR, Taborda-Barata L, Vaz-Patto MA, Monteiro M, Nepomuceno M, Lanzinha JCG, Teixeira JP, Pereira CC, Sousa ACA (2016) House dust fungal communities’ characterization: a double take on the six by sixty by six project (6x60x6). Open Engineering 6: 542-547;

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Coelho SD, Sousa ACA, Isobe T, Kim J-W, Kunisue T, Nogueira AJA, Tanabe S (2016) Brominated, chlorinated and phosphate organic contaminants in house dust from Portugal. Science of the Total Environment 569–570: 442-449;

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Sousa A, Mendo S and Barroso CM (2005) Imposex and organotin contamination in Nassarius reticulatus (L.) along the Portuguese coast. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 19: 315-323,

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