Ana Luísa Daniel da Silva
  Auxiliary Researcher  
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  extension: 23539  
  department: Chemistry  
  office: 15.3.13  
  group: 1 - inorganic functional nanomaterials and organic-inorganic hybrids
  line: 1 - information and communication technology
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Short CV

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Present situation
Researcher at CiCECO since June 2009

-October 2005-May 2009: Postdoctoral researcher at CICECO (University of Aveiro).
Research Theme "New nanocomposites for biomedical applications"
-February-July 2000: Analyst at the company F. LIMA SA (Lisbon)
Academic Qualifications
-June 2005: PhD in Materials Science, University of Alicante (Spain); First Class Honours, Title : “Synthesis, characterization and adhesive properties of isocyanate ended quasi-prepolymers based adhesives”. Supervisors: José Miguel Martín-Martínez, Full Prof. at Chemistry Department, Univ. Alicante, Spain and João Carlos Moura Bordado, Full Prof. at Chemical Eng. Dept, IST, Lisbon, Portugal.
- April 2000: BSc Chemical Engineering, IST, Lisbon (Portugal); (Final mark : 16/20)
  (Final Project: Production of Lignosulphonates by using the residual liquor obtained in the wood pulp production (sulphite process). Final mark: 18/20)
Domain of Specializations
- Materials Science (polymer/composites characterization)
- Experimental techniques for materials characterization (microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, thermal analysis)
Scientific Interests
-Nanostructured materials
-Polymer based nanocomposites
-Materials for biomedical applications
-Colloidal nanoparticles
-Biocompatible polymers
-Drug delivery systems
R&D projects

Ongoing projects

PTDC/MAR-BIO/3533/2012 - Remediação de águas salinas sob a influência de multicontaminantes (poluentes inorgânicos e emergentes), através da aplicação de nanopartículas magnéticas e resíduos biológicos: avaliação do risco ecológico e humano. 2013-2015; Coordinator: Claudia B. lopes, University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)

EXPL/BBB-BEP/0317/2012 - Desenvolvimento de uma plataforma em nanoescala para o enriquecimento de proteases. 2013-2014; Coordinator: Rui Vitorino, University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)

CERN/FP/123585/2011 - Perturbed Angular Correlations and Electron Channeling Experiments at ISOLDE - applied materials research with nuclear techniques, training and development. 2012 – 2014; Coordinator - Vitor Amaral, University of Aveiro
(Member of the team)

PTDC/CTM-NAN/120668/2010 - Nanomaterials for the uptake of pollutant metal ions: efficiency. selectivity and recyclability. 2012-2015; Coordinator - Tito Trindade , University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)

PTDC/SAU-TOX/120953/2010 - Metabolic profiling: a novel tool for evaluation of the toxicological and biological effects of nanomaterials. 2012 -2014; Coodinator - Iola Duarte , University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)

Past projects

CERN/FP/116320/2010 - Perturbed Angular Correlations and Electron Channeling Experiments at ISOLDE-applied materials research with nuclear techniques, training and development; 2011 – 2012; Coordinator - Vitor Amaral, University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)

ERA-Eula/0003/2009 - Magnetotransduction: development of magnetic nanoparticle-viral vector complexes for therapeutic gene delivery in the senile brain. 2010 – 2012; Coordinator - Gerardo Goya (University of Zaragoza).(Member of the team)

CERN/FP/109357/2009 - Research on Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials using Radioactive Isotopes at ISOLDE-CERN. 2010 – 2011; Coordinator - Vitor Amaral, University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)

NANO/NMed-SD/0140/200 - Integrated Lab On Chip Platforms for Medical Diagnostics. 2009 – 2011; Coordinators - Prof. Paulo Freitas (INESC-IST); Ricardo Ibarra (University of Zaragoza). (Member of the team).

PTDC/QUI/67712/2006 - Nanochemistry of magnetic/luminescent composites for in vitro medical diagnosis applications. 2008 – 2010; Coordinator - Tito Trindade, University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)

PTDC/SAU-BEB/66896/2006 - Implantable scaffolds for local osteo-sarcoma chemotherapy. 2007 – 2010; Coodinator - Rui Correia, University of Aveiro. (Member of the team)


Scientific supervision

MSc Theses

1. Bianca Creaney, Nano-adsorventes para remoção magnética de corantes orgânicos de águas, Supervisors: A.L. Daniel-da-Silva (concluded July 2013).

 2. Maria Graça Oliveira, Hidrogéis nanocompósitos de ouro para aplicações em libertação controlada de fármacos, Supervisors: A.L. Daniel-da-Silva (concluded Dec. 2012).

3. Luís Melo, Libertação de prata ionica em nanocompositos, Supervisors: Tito Trindade and A.L. Daniel-da-Silva (concluded Dec. 2012).

4. Rui Pedro Silva, Funcionalização de nanopartículas magnéticas para o desenvolvimento de um sistema de caraterização de proteases, Supervisors: Rui Vitorino and A.L. Daniel-da-Silva (concluded Dec. 2012).

 5. Ana Margarida Salgueiro, Hidrogeis termosensiveis compósitos contendo nanobastonetes de ouro, Supervisors: A. L. Daniel-da-Silva and Tito Trindade (concluded Oct. 2011).

 6. Cristina Schitco, Thermo conductivity and electrical properties of PVDF/Cu nanocomposites, Supervisors: Paula Vilarinho and A.L. Daniel-da-Silva (concluded Jul. 2011).

 7. Joana da Silva Moreira, Estudo de síntese e cinética de libertação em bionanocompósitos, Supervisors: Tito Trindade and  A.L. Daniel-da-Silva (concluded Jul. 2010).

Selected Publications

SCI papers

1. A.M. Salgueiro, A.L. Daniel-da-Silva, A.V. Girão, P.C. Pinheiro, T. Trindade, Unusual dye adsorption behavior of k-carrageenan coated superparamagnetic nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2013, 229, 276-284.

2. A. C. Estrada, A. L. Daniel-da-Silva, T. Trindade, Photothermally enhanced drug release by k-carrageenan hydrogels reinforced with multiwalled carbon nanotubes, RSC Advances 2013, 3, 10828-10836.

3. D. S. Tavares, A. L. Daniel-da-Silva, C. B. Lopes, N. J. O. Silva, V. S. Amaral, J. Rocha, E. Pereira, T. Trindade, Efficient sorbents based on magnetite coated with siliceous hybrid shells for removal of mercury ions, Journal Materials Chemistry A 2013, 1, 8134-8143.

4. A. L. Daniel-da-Silva, R. S. Carvalho, T Trindade, Magnetic Hydrogel Nanocomposites and Composite Nanoparticles – a Review of Recent Patented Works, Recent Patents on Nanotechnology 2013, 7, 153 – 166.

5. A.M. Salgueiro, A.L. Daniel-da-Silva, S. Fateixa,T. Trindade, k-carrageenan hydrogel nanocomposites with release behavior mediated by morphological distinct Au nanofillers, Carbohydrate Polymers 2013, 91, 100-109.

6. J.F. B. Barata, A.L. Daniel-da-Silva, M.G.P.M.S. Neves, J.A.S. Cavaleiro, T.Trindade. Corrole-silica hybrid particles: synthesis and effects on singlet oxygen generation, RSC Advances 2013, 3, 274-280.

7. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva, A.M. Salgueiro, T. Trindade, Effects of Au nanoparticles on thermoresponsive genipin-crosslinked gelatin hydrogels, Gold Bulletin 2013, 46, 25-33.

8. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; J. Moreira; R. Neto; A.C. Estrada; A.M. Gil; T. Trindade, Impact of magnetic nanofillers in the swelling and release properties of k-carrageenan hydrogel nanocomposites, Carbohydrate Polymers 2012, 87, 328-335.

9. J.A. Ferreira; A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; R.M.P. Alves; D.S. Duarte; I. Vieira; R. Ferreira; L. Lara Santos; R. Vitorino; F. Amado, Synthesis and optimization of lectin functionalized nanoprobes for the selective recovery of glycoproteins from human body fluids, Analytical Chemistry 2011, 83, 7035-7043.

10. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; L. Ferreira; A.M. Gil; T. Trindade, Synthesis and swelling behavior of temperature responsive k-carrageenan nanogels, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2011, 355, 512-517.

11. N. Barroca; P. M. Vilarinho; A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; A. Wu; M.H.V. Fernandes; A. Gruverman. Protein Adsorption on Piezoelectric Poly (L-lactic) acid thin films by scanning probe microscopy. Applied Physics Letters 2011, 98, 133705.

12. K.B. Sidhpuria; A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; T. Trindade; J.A.P. Coutinho, Supported ionic liquid silica nanoparticles (SILnPs) as an efficient and recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for the dehydration of fructose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, Green Chemistry 2011, 13, 340-349.

13. N.B. Barroca; A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; P.M. Vilarinho; M.H.V. Fernandes, Tailoring the morphology of high molecular weight PLLA scaffolds through bioglass additions, Acta Biomaterialia 2010, 6, 3611-3620.

14. P.I. Girginova; A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; C. Lopes; P. Figueira; M. Ortero; V.S. Amaral; E. Pereira; T. Trindade , Silica coated magnetite nanoparticles for magnetic removal of Hg2+ from water, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2010, 345, 234-240.

15. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; S. Fateixa; A.J. Guiomar; B.F.O. Costa; N.J.O. Silva; T. Trindade; B.J. Goodfellow; A.M. Gil, Biofunctionalized magnetic hydrogel nanospheres of magnetite and kappa-carrageenan, Nanotechnology 2009, 20, 355602, 1-10.

16. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; R. Lóio; J.A. Lopes-da-Silva; T. Trindade; B.J. Goodfellow; A.M. Gil, Effects of magnetite nanoparticles on the thermo-rheological properties of carrageenan hydrogels, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2008, 324, 205-211.

17. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; T. Trindade; B.J. Goodfellow; B.F.O. Costa; R.N. Correia; A.M. Gil, In situ synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles in carrageenan gels, Biomacromolecules 2007, 8(8), 2350-2357.

18. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; A.B. Lopes; A.M. Gil; R.N. Correia, Synthesis and characterization of porous k-carrageenan/calcium phosphate nanocomposites scaffolds, Journal of Materials Science 2007, 42(20), 8581-8591.

19. A.L.D. da Silva; J.C.M. Bordado; J.M. Martín-Martínez, Influence of the free isocyanate content in the adhesive properties of reactive trifunctional polyether urethane quasi-prepolymers, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 2006, 26(5), 355-362.

20. A.L. Silva; J.C. Bordado, Recent Developments in Polyurethane Catalysis: Catalytic Mechanisms Review Catalysis Reviews. Science and Engineering 2004, 46-1, 31-51.

Book chapters

1. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; T.Trindade, Biofunctional composites of polysaccharides containing inorganic nanoparticles, In. Advances in Nanocomposite technology,  Intech – Open Access Publisher, 2011, ISBN: 978-953-308-55-0.

2. A.S. Pereira; A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; T.Trindade, From nanoparticles to nanocomposites: an Overview, In. Nanocomposite particles for bio-applications– materials and biointerfaces, Chapt. 1, Pan Stanford Publishing, 2011, ISBN: 978-981-4267-78-6.

3. A.L. Daniel-da-Silva; N. J. O. Silva; T. Trindade; A. M. Gil, Biocomposites containing magnetic nanoparticles, In. Nanocomposite particles for bio-applications– materials and biointerfaces, Chapt. 8, Pan Stanford Publishing, 2011, ISBN: 978-981-4267-78-6.


Patente de Invenção Nacional nº 104136, 22-01-2010
Mª Helena Fernandes, Paula Mª Vilarinho, Ana Luísa Silva; Natália Barroca
Método de preparação de suportes porosos compósitos de base polimérica para aplicação em engenharia de tecidos


Books (editor)

T. Trindade; A. L. Daniel-da-Silva (Eds), Nanocomposite particles for bio-applications – materials and biointerfaces, Pan Stanford Publishing, 2011, ISBN: 978-981-4267-78-6

ongoing scientific supervisions