Andrei Kholkin
  Research Coordinator  
  phone: +351 234 247025  
  extension: 24967 (office), 24952 (lab 1/CICECO), 34733 (lab 2/CICECO), 33013 (CICFANO)  
  department: Physics  
  office: Complexo de Laboratórios Tecnológicos, office 29.3.26  
  group: 2 - multifunctional ferroic ceramics and nanostructures
  line: 1 - information and communication technology
  direct url:  
Short CV




MSc and BSc in Physics, St. Petersburg State University, Russia, 1979 

PhD in Solid State Physics, A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, Russia, 1987 

Work experience: 

6/99 – present
research coordinator (full research professor), principal investigator,  Physics Department & CICECO - Materials Institute of Aveiro, University of Aveiro, Portugal 

9/97 – 6/99
research professor, Dept. of Ceramics and Materials Engineering, Rutgers University, U.S.A. 

1/94 – 8/97
research associate, Ceramics Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland 

9/93 – 12/93

visiting researcher, Leibnitz Institute for Solid-State and Materials Research, Germany

1/79 –  12/93
PhD student, staff researcher, Laboratory of Ferroelectricity and Magnetism, A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia 

Professional activities: 

Member of Ferroelectric Committee & Ferroelectrics Web Editor, IEEE

Associate Editor-in-Chief (responsible for ferroelectrics), IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control

Member of Editorial Boards of the scientific journals: Ferroelectrics, Journal of Advanced Dielectrics, Journal of Modern Electronic Materials

Guest editor of 4 Focused Issues on “Piezoresponse Force Microscopy and Nanoscale Phenomena in Polar Materials”, Journal of Applied Physics (2010-2013)

Guest editor of the Special Issue “Electromechanics on the Nanometer Scale: Emerging Phenomena, Devices and Applications”, MRS Bulletin (2009)

Guest editor of the Special Issues in Ferroelectrics and Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control (proceedings of ISAF-ECAPD-PFM 2012)

Guest editor of Special Issue: ”Scanning Probe Microscopy of Ferroics” (Materials, November 2017)

Guest editor of 2 Special Issues: ”Applications of Ferroelectrics” and  “Nanoscale  Ferroelectrics” (IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and  Frequency Control, 2006-2007)

Technical Program Committee, IUMRS-ICEM, Symposium S4 Functional Materials (2018, S. Korea)

Co-chair of Technical Program Committee, the Intl. Joint IEEE ISAF-ISIF-PFM Symposium (2015, Singapore)

Co-chair of the International Conference “Piezoresponse Forсe Microscopy and Nanoscale Phenomena in Polar Materials” (Russia, 2014)

Co-chair of Technical Program Committee, the Intl. Joint IEEE UFFC Symposium (Czech Republic, 2013)

General chair of the 22nd Intl. Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics (Portugal, 2012)

General co-chair of the 21th Intl Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics (Canada, 2011)

General chair of the 6th and11th European Conferences on Applications of Polar Dielectrics (2002, 2012)

Symposium co-chair, International Union of Materials Research Societies – 
International Conference on Electronic Materials (2018)

Co-founder of the Intl. Conference “Piezoresponse Force Microscopy and Nanoscale Phenomena in Polar Materials” (started June 2009 in Portugal, continued in Japan, Canada, China-3, Czech Rep-2, USA-3, Singapore, S. Korea)

Member of Advisory Boards of the conferences: “International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics”, “Micro- and Nano-scale Domain Structuring in Ferroelectrics”, “European Conference on Applications of Polar Dielectrics”, “Piezoresponse Force Microscopy and Nanoscale Phenomena in Polar Materials”

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Symposium “Metal Oxide Nanostructures: Synthesis, Properties and Applications” of E-MRS Spring Meeting (2009)

Member of the Program Committees of the CIMTEC conferences (Italy, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2018)

Member of the Program Committee of the European Conference on Ferroelectrics (France, 2011)

Technical Program Committee Co-Chair, 2013 Joint UFFC, EFTF and PFM Symposum (Czech Republic, 2013)

Member of the International Program Committee of the 43rd Confernece on Micro- and Nanoengineering (Portugal, 2017)

Member of the Materials Research Society, IEEE-UFFC and Portuguese Materials Society

Reviewer for more than 30 scientific journals including “Science”, “Nature Materials”, “Nature Nanotechnology”,“Advanced Materials”, “Advanced Functional Materials”, “Advanced Energy Materials’, “ACS Nano”, “Phys. Rev. Lett.”, “Appl. Phys. Lett.”, “J. Appl. Phys.”, “Sensors & Actuators”, etc.

Reviewer for the following grant agencies:

European Research Executive Agency (FP7-EU), DFG (Germany), ROSNANO (Russia), Russian Ministry of Science and Education, Russian Science Foundation, Czech Scence Foundation, Department of Energy (USA), Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, EUREKA-Eurostars (EU), Denmark Innovation Fund, ERA.NET, Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT), Swiss National Science Foundation (Switzerland), Israel Science Foundation, Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France), Oak Ridge Natl. Laboratory (USA), and COST action (EU)


Award of the A. F. Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Russia

FASIP Award, Rutgers University, U.S.A. 

IEEE Senior Member

Award of the Portuguese Ministry of Education, Science and Technology - “Estímulo de Excellência” 

Award of the Intl. Symposium on Domains and Mesoscopic Structures in Ferroelectrics

IEEE Fellow (class 2012): "for contributions to electromechanical characterization methods and applications"

IEEE Ferroelectrics Recognition Award (2015) "for the substantial contribution to the understanding of ferroelectrics at the nanoscale"

Recent invited presentations:

“Emergent piezoelectric materials and applications”, International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities (ISIF-2017), India,December 10-13, 2017

“Piezoresponse Force Microscopy of emergent piezoelectric materials”, International Workshop on Atomic Force Microscopy for Advanced Functional Materials (AFM^2), China, December 8-10, 2017.

“Novel supramolecular biomaterials for piezoelectric applications”, International Conference “Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM-2017)”, Russia, August 27-30, 2017

“Energy harvesting materials and characterisation”, International Workshop “Frontiers in Materials Characterisation towards Industrial Translation (FRIMACHAT) 2017”, Ireland,July 11-13, 2017

“Electrochemical Strain Microscopy”, International Conference “Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies (FM&NT), Estonia, April 24-28, 2017

“Self-assembled diphenylalanine microtubes: emerging properties and applications”, 9th International conference on Advanced Nanomaterials, Aveiro, Portugal, July 17-21 (2017)

“Self-assembled peptides: structure, properties, and applications”, XXII Polish-Czech Seminar: Structural and Ferroelectric Phase Transitions, Poland, May 16-20 (2016)

“Piezoelectric properties of 2D-materials: a case of graphene”, IEEE  ISAF/ECAPD/PFM Conference, Darmstadt, Germany (2016)

“Nanoelectromechanics in oxides: from piezoelectricity to local electrochemistry”, Spring E-MRS, Lille, France (2015)

Scientific Interests
Processing, characterization and applications of ferroelectric films and nanostructures

Dielectric, piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of ferroelectrics and related materials

Nanoscale properties of functional materials via scanning probe techniques

Multiferroics and magnetoelectrics, bismuth ferrite

Sensors and actuators, MEMS, smart systems

Materials for energy harvesting and storing

Ferroelectric polymers, bioferroelectrics and biomimetric polar materials

Carbon-based materials, graphene
Present Research Group
Postdocs & research associates:
Dhananjay Sharma
Konstantin Romanyuk
Reddithota Vidyasagar
Fabio Figueiras
Joao Vidal
Denis Alikin
Svitlana Kopyl

PhD students:

Vladislav Slabov
Kirill Keller
Main present collaborators


Dr. Sergei Kalinin - Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
Prof. Ramamourthy Ramesh - University of California Berkeley
Prof. Ahmad Safari - Rutgers University
Profs. Alexei Gruverman & Stephen Ducharme - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Prof. Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb - Georgia Tech
Prof. Lane Martin - University of California Berkeley
Dr. Seungbum Hong - Argonne National Laboratory

Prof. Zuo-Guang Ye - Simon Frazer University
Prof. Sasha Douplik - Ryerson University

Prof. Doru Lupascu, Dr. Vladimir Shvartsman - University of Duisburg-Essen
Prof. Gerhard Schneider - Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
Dr. Gunnar Suchaneck - Technical University Dresden
Dr. Andreas Schoenecker - Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (Dresden)
Dr. Marc Willinger - Fritz Haber Institute (Berlin)

Prof. Michael Karkut - University of Picardie Jules Vernes (Amiens)
Dr. Mario Maglione - ICMCB (Bordeaux)
Prof. Denis Remiens - IEMN (Lille)
Prof. Brahim Dkhil - Ecole Central Paris

Prof. Andrew Bell - University of Leeds
Prof. James Scott – University of Cambridge
Prof. Andrey Turitsyn - Aston University
Prof. Markys Cain – National Physical Laboratory

Dr. Brian Rodriguez - University College Dublin
Prof. Tofail Syed - University of Limerick
Dr. Lynette Keeney - Tyndall National Institute

Prof. Vladimir Shur - Ural Federal University
Prof. Vladimir Fridkin - Institute of Crystallography of Russian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Nikolay Pertsev & Prof. Sergey Vakhrushev - A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute
Profs. Alexander Sigov, Elena Mishina & Yuri Fetisov - Moscow State Technical University of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation
Dr. Igor Pronin - A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute 

Drs. Jesus Ricote & Harvey Amorin - Institute of Materials Science of Madrid
Prof. Javier Benito & Dr. Dania Olmos - University of Carlos III (Madrid)

Prof. Sidney lang, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Czech Republic
Drs. Jan Petzelt, Lubmir Yastrabik & Alexander Deyneka - Institute of Physics (Prague)

Prof. Juras Banys - Vilnius University

Prof. Andris Sternberg - Institute of Physics (Riga)

Dr. Marina Tjunina - University of Oulu
Teaching Activity
“Piezo Force Microscopy” –  organizer of live forum and PFM workshop on 

“Advanced topics in PFM” –  tutorials within Workshops on Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (Portugal - 2009, Japan - 2009, USA - 2010, 2013, China - 2011, Nanjing - 2013)

“Atomic probes” – tutorial within European School on Multiferroics (Spain, 2008)

“Advanced characterization of ferroelectrics” –  tutorial within International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics (France, 2007)

“Integrated piezoelectrics” – tutorial within Winter FAME school (France, 2007)

“Scanning probe microscopy for biologists” – course within master program in bioengineering  (2005-2006, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

“Scanning probe microscopy of materials” – lectures within EMMS master program on materials science (2004-2010, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

“Piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials” – lectures within “Functional Materials and Devices Engineering” course of the EMMS master program in materials science (2007-2010, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

“Nanoscale characterization of ferroelectrics” – short summer course (Thailand, 2004)

“Piezoelectric materials” (2003, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

“Principles of scanning probe microscopy” (2002, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

“Properties of materials” (2001, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

“Special ceramics” (1999-2000, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

“Advanced electronic ceramics” (1999, Rutgers University, U.S.A.)


Present projects

“Additive manufacturing of 3D microfluidic MEMS for lab-on-a-chip applications” (EU, 2017-2021)

"Transition metal oxides with metastable phases: a way towards superior ferroic properties” (EU, 2017-2021)

"Nanoelectromechanical motion in functional materials" (EU, 2011-2015)

"Technology platform for point-of-care diagnostic for tropical deseases" (EU-Brazil, 2011-2014)

“Multifunctional ceramic layers with high electromagnetoelastic coupling in complex geometries” (EU, 2006-2010) 

“Coupling in multiferroic and magnetoelectric composites” (EU, 2008-2010)

“Polarization-driven self-assembly of organic and biomaterials using ultrathin ferroelectric polymers”(EU, 2006-2009)

"Development of novel piezoelectric materials based on nanostructured self-assembled peptides" (FCT, 2018-2022)

"The next-generation of biomechanical self-powering systems for multifunctional implantable medical devices" (FCT, 2018-2022)

"Degradation in Li-batteries: a Scanning Probe Microscopy Approach” (FCT, 2017-2019)

“Phase transitions and ferroelectricity in self-assembled peptides nanotubes” (FCT, 2017-2019)

"Nanoelectromechanics of graphene" (FCT, 2011-2014)

"NOLEAD - Development of lead-free materials for piezoelectric applications" (FCT, 2009-2012)

"Lead-free materials for piezoelectic harvesting applications" (FCT, 2011-2014)

“Origin of polar state in relaxors via Scanning Probe Microscopy" (FCT, 2008-2010)

“Polarization-driven self-assembly using ferroelectric polymers” (FCT, 2008-2010)

“Development and characterization of novel multiferroic ceramics and composites” (bilateral FCT, 2008-2009)

“Nanoscale characterization of ferroelectric films and devices” (bilateral FCT, 2008-2009)

“Nanoscale characterization and origin of polar states in ferroelectric relaxors” (bilateral FCT, 2008-2009)

“SPM study of charge ordered multiferroic manganites” (user project ORNL-USA, 2009-2010)

“Relaxor ceramics at the nanoscale: finding order in disorder” (user project ORNL-USA, 2009-2010)

“Synthesis and study of the multifunctional organic and inorganic nanostructures based on nanotubes and nanowires”  (RMST, 2009-2010)

"Analysis of modifications of optical and electromechanical proprties of biological tissues after laser-induced damage (DPG, Germany)

“Shear-induced solidification studies on polymers and polymer-clay nanocomposites” (FCT, 2008-2011)

“Multiferroic, magnetoelectric and metallic micro and nanocomposites based on electroactive polymers for advanced applications” (FCT, 2008-2011)

“Novel Auirivillius oxides for microelectronic applications” (FCT, 2009-2011)

“MULTIFOX: Modificação e estudo à escala nanométrica de óxidos multiferróicos” (FCT, 2010-2011)

“Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic nanostructures synthesized via novel non-aqueous sol-gel routes” (FCT, 2008-2011)

“Nanochemistry of magnetic/luminescent composites for in vitro medical diagnosis applications” (FCT)

“Processing and characterization of multiferroic ceramics for sensor and actuator applications” (FCT, 2008-2011)

"Development of non lead based materials for piezoelectric harvesting devices" (FCT, 2011-2014)

"Structural and local characterization of multiferroic materials" (British Council - FCT, 2010-2011)

"Development of multiferroic composites for electronic applications" (CAPES-FCT, 2010-2011)
Selected Publications
More than 500 technical publications, over 8000 citations, H-index 46

"Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Applications of Polar Dielectrics", edited by R. C. Pullar, A. L. Kholkin, V. S. Bystrov, B. Dkhil, S. Lanceros-Mendes, J. Pokorny, Ferroelectrics, Vol. 445 – 447, Taylor and Francis, 2013.
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RECENT PAPERS (2014-2018):
D.O. Alikin, K.N. Romanuk, B.N. Slautin, D. Rosato, V.Ya. Shur, A.L. Kholkin, “Quantitative characterization of the ionic mobility and concentration in the Li-battery cathodes via low frequency Electrochemical Strain Microscopy”, Nanoscale 10, 2503 (2018).
L. V. Gimadeeva, V. A. Shikhova, D. S. Chezganov, A. S. Merzliakova, E. O. Vlasov, V. V. Fedorovyh, A. L. Kholkin, B. Malic, V. Ya. Shur, “Domain structure evolution in relaxor PLZT 8/65/35 ceramics after chemical etching and electron beam irradiation”, Ferroelectrics 525, 83-92 (2018).
V. A. Shikhova, V. V. Fedorovyh, A. P. Turygin, L. V. Gimadeeva, D. S. Chezganov, E. O. Vlasov, D. O. Alikin, L. I. Ivleva, A. L. Kholkin, V. Ya. Shur, “Local switching in SBN:Ni single crystals with various initial domain states”, Ferroelectrics 525, 100-107 (2018).
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