Zhi Lin
  Investigador Principal  
  telefone: 234370368  
  extensão: 23539  
  e-mail: zlin@ua.pt  
  departamento: Química  
  gabinete: 15.3.13  
  grupo: 1 - nanomateriais inorgânicos funcionais e híbridos orgânico-inorgânico
  linha: 1 - tecnologias da informação e comunicação
  url directo: http://www.ciceco.ua.pt/ZhiLin  
Perfil biográfico
Zhi Lin is an investigator of Research Center for Ceramics and Composites at University of Aveiro since 2003. He received the B.Sc. degree in physics from Nanjing University (1982) and the M.Eng. degree in materials from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1985). He obtained the Ph.D. degree in chemistry from the University of Aveiro in 1998. Between 1998 and 2002, he worked as post-doctoral research. Since 1994, he has begun to study new crystalline microporous materials. He was familiar with hydrothermal synthesis and characterization, especially via solid state nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray crystallography, of microporous silicates with stoichiometric amount of Ti, Zr, Sn and Hf. Recently he worked on applications of these new materials, especially as membranes and ion exchangers. He is reviewer of Journal of the American Chemical Society; Inorganic Chemistry; Journal of Physical Chemistry; Chemistry Letters; International Journal of Hydrogen Energy; AIChE Journal; Solid State Science; Journal of Hazardous Materials; Microporous and Mesoporous Materials; Materials Letters.
Interesses científicos
1> synthesis and structural characterization of novel microporous framework materials, 
2> hydrothermal synthesis of nanocrystal, membranes and films of microporous materials 
3> preparation of film by sol-gel and EPD process, 
4> Mesoporous meterials, 
5> applications of the obtained materials. 
6> Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray crystallography.
Grupo de Investigação

PhD:  Simão Cardoso

Post-Doc:  Stanislav Ferdov;  Chunfang Zhou;  Zhengying Wu, Xiaowei Li, Rupam Sen, Dasarath Mal
Master:   Andreia Machado, Rita Craveiro, Bruno Figueiredo

Principais colaboradores
Jesús Santamaría, Joaquín Coronas, Carlos Téllez and Reyes Mallada (University of Zaragoza, Spain) 
YiNing Huang (University of Western Ontario, Canada) 
JinXiang Dong (Taiyuan University of Technology, China) 
Stanislav Ferdov (University of Minho)
João Rocha, Luís Carlos, Anabela Valente, Filipe Paz, Rute Sá Ferreira (University of Aveiro)
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