Bárbara Joana Martins Leite Ferreira
  telefone: 23557  
  e-mail: barbaraferreira@ua.pt  
  departamento: Química  
  gabinete: 15.3.32  
  grupo: 5 - materiais biomédicos e biomiméticos
  linha: 3 - sustentabilidade e saúde
Main research interests

Currently I am Researcher at CICECO/ University of Aveiro and my main interests are: 

Synthesis and characterization of new metal complexes, evaluation of their anti-tumoral properties and study of their capacity to interact/bind to BSA and DNA.

However my research interests are also related:

Preparation and characterization of (polymer, ceramic and composite) materials for biomedical applications; Cytotoxicity/biocompatibility studies;


Researcher ID and ORCID ID