Ana Catarina Costa Gomes Alves
  Post-Doc Fellowship  
  phone: + Ext 24966  
  department: Chemistry  
  office: +351 234 370 200 + Ext 24966  
  supervisor: Martyn Pillinger  
  co-supervisor: Isabel Maria de Sousa Gonçalves  
  group: 1 - inorganic functional nanomaterials and organic-inorganic hybrids
  direct url:  
short CV

February 2010 to present: post-doctoral associate under the supervision of Professor Isabel Gonçalves and Doctor Martyn Pillinger.

October 2005- November 2009: PhD in chemistry in the group of Prof. Simon Duckett, University of York, United Kingdom.

Teaching activity

October 2005- October 2008: Inorganic Chemistry (laboratory classes), Chemistry (laboratory classes) and Mathematics (tutorials) during 300 hours, University of York, United Kingdom.

scientific interests

-Synthesis and characterization of organic ligands, organometallic complexes.

-Immobilization of inorganic/organometallic complexes in MCM-41, cyclodextrines and layered double hydroxides and respective characterization.

present research group
  • Professor Isabel Gonçalves
  • Doctor Martyn Pillinger
  • Doctor Tatiana Amarante
  • Doctor Ana Luísa Costa
main present collaborators


  • Doctor Filipe Paz
  • Doctor Anabela Valente
  • Doctor Patrícia Neves
  • Doctor Sofia Bruno
  • Doctor Paula Ferreira
  • Clara Magalhães

Other portuguese institutions

  • Professor Carlos Romão (ITQB-UNL)
  • Doctor Carla Gamelas (Politécnico de Setúbal)
  • Doctor André D. Lopes (University of the Algarve)
  • Doctor Salete Balula (University of Porto)
  • Doctor Luis Cunha Silva (University of Porto)