Paul Vincent Wiper
  Post-doc Fellowship  
  department: Chemistry  
  office: +351 234 370 736  
  line: 2 - energy and industrial applications

Paul completed his BSc in Chemistry at MMU in 2007. He then went to study for a one year MSc in Catalysis at the University of Liverpool. Continuing at UoL he studied for a PhD in collaboration with Pilkington Glass under the joint supervision of Prof. Y. Z. Khimyak and Dr. S. Varma. His primary focus was the characterisation of organic-inorganic sol-gel glasses using solid-state NMR. He is currently a postdoc at the University of Aveiro (Portugal) working with BP AMOCO under Drs. L. Mafra and J. Amelse.

Research interests:

Solid-state NMR, heterogeneous catalysts, zeolites, MOFs/COFs, CO2-adsorption, adsorption processes.