Ricardo João Borges Pinto
  Bolseiro de pós-Doutoramento  
  extensão: 34707  
  e-mail: r.pinto@ua.pt  
  departamento: Química  
  supervisor: Carmen Sofia da Rocha Freire Barros  
  co-supervisor: Paula Alexandrina Marques (TEMA)  
  grupo: 4 - biorrefinarias, materiais de origem biológica e reciclagem
  linha: 3 - sustentabilidade e saúde
Short CV

Ricardo Pinto, born in 1981 (Alijó, Portugal), graduated in Chemistry in 2004 in University of Porto (UP, Portugal) and obtained in 2008 a Master degree in Materials Science at the University of Aveiro (UA, Portugal). In 2012, he obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the same university with Carlos Pascoal Neto and Tito Trindade as supervisors working on Synthesis and characterization of Composites of Natural Polymers and Metallic Nanoparticles. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Associate Laboratory CICECO and her research focuses on the Development of novel biobased hybrid aerogels for electrical conductivity and catalytic applications.

Publicações seleccionadas

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