Diego Gerini
  Bolseiro de investigação  
  e-mail: diego.gerini@ua.pt  
  grupo: 1 - nanomateriais inorgânicos funcionais e híbridos orgânico-inorgânico

Diego Gerini graduated in Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials at the University of Bologna in 2015. He attended an Erasmus Mundus Master Program carried out at the University of Algarve, University of Barcelona and University of Bologna obtaining the MSc degree in Chemical Innovation and Regulation in 2018. His master thesis was based on the synthesis and characterization of heterocyclic carbene complexes and on their use as catalysts in organic reactions conducted in green solvents like water, ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents. He participated as speakers to the 4th ChIR Symposium where he presented his research project titled Synthesis of new Pd N-heterocyclic carbenes complexes and study of their catalytic activity in reactions in green solvents.

Diego is currently doing a research work based on the synthesis and characterization of novel carbon materials functionalised by polyoxometalates and on their potential application in heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalytic processes.