Baljeet Singh
  Bolseiro de pós-Doutoramento  
  departamento: CICECO_Aveiro Institute of Material  
  gabinete: 15.3.31  
  grupo: 1 - nanomateriais inorgânicos funcionais e híbridos orgânico-inorgânico
Research Interests

1. Pore size engineering of porous nanocatalyst.
2. Study the interaction of amine and CO2 using solid-state NMR.
3. Direct CO2 capture from air using solid amine sorbent.
4. Volatile organic compound (VOC) removal from air
5. Study the diffusion of the probe molecules in porous nanomaterials using NMR
6. High-pressure synthesis of crystalline porous nanomaterials and application in heterogeneous catalysis and exhaust gas conversion.