centre for the study of science, education and technology




Júlio Pedrosa


main goals

To contribute to the development and understanding of modes of creating and using knowledge;

To investigate models, processes and contexts of governance, management and evaluation of Science and Education Institutions;

To contribute to the development of novel approaches to the use and understanding of Science in schools, public services and companies.



a) Developing platforms for the cooperation of Universities and Research Centres with society

This is a programme aimed at designing, testing and evaluating platforms to promote knowledge share, transfer and development in research centres and organisations outside universities; this programme was associated with the establishment of IDPOR, in 2006. At present the focus is on the creation of a platform for the cooperation between University researchers, schools and municipalities.

b) Developing the understanding and value of education and science in schools and local communities:

- School/Science at home: this is part of the project 'A Escola em Casa', aiming at developing and testing instruments and materials to promote and support conversations between children and their parents at home, that is being financed by the Gulbenkian Foundation since 2004.

- 'Caminhar Juntos para Gostar de Aprender e Aprender com a Escola' is a three years project financed through a protocol signed by: Universidade de Aveiro; Agrupamento de Escolas Gândara Mar, Tocha; Direcção Regional de Educação do Centro, Câmara Municipal de Cantanhede e Junta de Freguesia da Tocha. The Project is financed by the latter two partners and started in September 2009.

- Interdisdiplinarity in research and teaching: this programme is just starting, with the aim of understanding the foundations and identifying the relevant conditions to promote interdisciplinarity in higher education.

c) Governance of Science and Education Institutions: at present, this programme is the basis for two doctoral theses, one focusing on knowledge management in research centres and the other on the design and implementation of policies for the development of higher education.