Mara Freire receives the NETZSCH Young Scientist 2014 Award
The prize was awarded during the ECTP 2014 - 20th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties

The researcher Mara Freire was awarded the "ECTP-NETZSCH Young Scientist Award". The prize awarded during the 20th European Congress on Thermophysical Properties honors every three years a scientific research career of exceptional merit in the field of characterization of thermophysical properties. Already in 2013 Mara Freire won € 1.4 million allocated by the European Research Council, through one of the most important European grants to support scientific research.

"During my scientific career, and mostly during my PhD, I undertook the characterization of alternative solvents as replacements for traditional volatile and often toxic organic solvents," says Mara Freire.

During the last years the scientist with a degree in Analytical Chemistry and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Academy of Aveiro, studied perfluorocarbons and ionic liquids, two broad categories of promising solvents for a variety of applications in industrial processes. "Aiming their industrial application we contributed with a wide range of thermophysical properties, as well as with the determination of their phase diagrams" she recalls.

As for the prize received on the 20th European Congress on Thermophysical Properties, which took place during the last week in Porto with the presence of hundreds of scientists around the world, recognizes the scientific research that Mara Freire developed mainly during the PhD.

"This is an international recognition to my contribution in the field of thermophysical properties, area to which this Congress is focused, and for which we contributed with the characterization of two major categories of alternative solvents, namely perfluorocarbons and ionic liquids".


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