materiais de carbono, compósitos e revestimentos funcionais


coordenador do grupo

Filipe Miguel H Lebre R Figueiredo


objectivos gerais


  • CVD synthesis of modified nanostructured carbon allotropes.
  • Development of nanodiamond coatings for highly wear resistant (bio)tribosystems and boron-doped CVD diamond ultramicroelectrodes for corrosion monitoring and biosensors.
  • Investigation of in-situ nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets/aerogels as templates for atomic layer deposition of inorganic compounds (ZnO, MnO2, TiO2, WS2, h-BN) for solar cells, ionizing radiation detectors, electric double-layer capacitors, oxygen reduction reaction catalysis and nano-tribology.
  • Development of new 'smart' nanocontainers for functional coatings.
  • Development of active protective coatings based on multi-level self-healing approach.
  • Development of surface treatments for different substrates with special focus on hybrid multi-material structures.
  • Introduction of additional functionalities (impact indicating, corrosion detection, antibiofouling) to self-healing coatings and layers on non-metallic substrates.
  • Mechanistic understanding of self-healing processes on nano-/micro-/macro-scale levels.
  • Development and investigation of new materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, from heterostructured electrolytes to novel electrode compositions, with emphasis on structure/property relationships supported by atomist simulations.
  • Exploitation of new materials and concepts for proton exchange and alkaline polymer membrane fuel cells, with emphasis on bio-based materials such as bacterial cellulose, and nano-ionics.
  • Investigation of carbon-lean processes for the production of metals by direct electroreduction of oxides, and high temperature electrolytic processes in molten salts or molten glasses.
  • Multifunctional membrane concepts based on ceramic-molten carbonate composites with mixed ionic conductivity for selective CO2 separation, including.
  • Mechanistic studies and development of novel materials for thermoelectric conversion and heat/cold storage.
  • Development of new materials processed by innovative green technologies for hard applications.