Within the RTD projects in cooperation with companies, in the framework of the “Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico (SI I&DT)” of Portugal 2020 (COMPETE2020), a calls has recently opened:




i) What are Projetos em Co-Promoção?

They are projects comprising industrial research and/or experimental development activities, leading to the creation of new products, processes or systems or the introduction of significant improvements in products, processes or existing systems.


ii) Who can participate in the consortium?

a) Companies of any kind and under any legal form;

b) R&I non-corporate entities (such as the University of Aveiro - CICECO).

* The leader of the consortium must be a company;

* Only national entities can be projects beneficiaries. Foreigner entities may participate in the consortium as associated partners but will not receive financing;

* The consortium should be as complete as possible considering the project purposes.

"It is considered full consortium the one that includes participation of business entities in the critical phases of the product value chain or target processes of the project and constitute a necessary condition for efficient commercialization of the correspondent results, the consortium's composition should ensure R&D capacity required to recommended technical and scientific developments and the presence of the holder of technology, i.e. the one that will put it on the market (preferably, and if applicable, the consortium must include an end-user of the technology)."


iii) What is the deadline?

The call for Projetos em Co-promoção (Aviso 17/SI/2019) opened on July 15 and closes on November 15, 2019 (19 hours).


iv) How the application works?

The application for these projects is submitted by the leader (company) through Balcão 2020.

To present the application, promoters must first make the registration and authentication in Balcão2020.

The application includes administrative and financial information filled directly into the Balcão 2020 (platform) + technical annex (word template for Projetos em Co-promoção).


v) What kind of expenses are eligible?

Eligible expenses reflect the usual type of expenditure in R&D projects:

- HR Expenses (existing and hiring);

- Raw materials, consumables and component;

- Procurement of services to third parties;

- Instruments and scientific & technical equipment (depreciation only);

- Specific software for the project;

- Expenses with promotion and dissemination of results;

- Travel and accommodation abroad directly attributable to the project;

- Technical-scientific auditor intervention;

- Patents acquisition;

- Indirect costs (flat rate of 25% applied to the direct eligible costs of the beneficiary, excluding subcontracting and resources provided by third parties); etc…


vi) What is the maximum duration of projects?

36 months for Projetos em Co-promoção


vii) What are the key policy documents for these applications?

Some of the essential documents on this type of projects and these calls can be found here for download:

Documents for Projetos Co-promoção:

- Announcement for the application submission which defines the most relevant information of the call;

- Technical Annex - word template with the description of the project and the work plan;

- Guide for the form filling - mainly for information that must be filled on the online platform;

- Project Merit Orientation - identifies the main criteria for evaluating the application and gives indication of the classification levels;

- RECI - Legal document that frames COMPETE2020, namely legal precepts of these projects (pages 1-10: definitions and frameworks; pages 23-31: specific articles about "Research and technological development" projects, which includes projetos co-promoção).


viii) Other relevant notes:

- Projects must be in line with the priority areas of Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) regional or national (depending on the establishment of the consortium);

- The incentive granted by COMPETE 2020 and regional PO is a non-refundable incentive;

- The SI&I entities (such as CICECO) have (since fulfilled the necessary requirements) a 75% funding rate;

- The business entities have a financing rate attributed according to different rates (depending namely on: the size of the company, involvement in the various stages of the project, its NUT II, etc ..) but in these projects with SI&I entities it can range from 40% to 75%;

- The leader must ensure at least 30% of the eligible investment (the budget of the company shall represent at least 30% of the total consortium budget);

- The project must meet a minimum eligible investment of 150,000.00€ (total value of the consortium) - there is no maximum investment ceiling (from 1 M€ the incentive becomes partially refundable);

- Being a consortium projects, one of the documents required to attach the application will be the consortium agreement.



Here in CDTM (CICECO interface structure), we provide support to applications development for these calls to all CICECO members and we provide help with technical information, budgeting and writing of the proposal.


If you are considering an application, be sure to contact us: Paula Sousa Pais (External: 234 372586; Internal: 24945; sousa.pais@ua.pt.