information about grant renewal process



Process for Grant Renewal




Actions from Secretariat Services


Delivery of documents in the room 29.3.38 (checklist in minuta_15)


Reserve and commitment of funds with exact contract dates


(Start date of grant must be after the delivery of documents)


Submission of documents to "Gabinete do Bolseiro"



working days*


Delivery of the documents at "Gabinete do Bolseiro"





Renewal approval


Notification of the grant holder by e-mail to sign the declaration of payment in the room 29.3.38




Grant Holder dependent


Signing of the declaration of payment in the room 29.3.38

              Financial processing  


Required documents:

  • Renewal document**
  • Work plan for the grant duration signed by the grant coordinator and candidate (with date) with a title allusive to its content and 3/4 related keywords**
  • Citizen card (if non EU citizen: Passport + Visa + Residence permit document) in case it has been updated
  • Coordinator support declaration**
  • Report from the grant holder**


* In normal operation of all services involved

**The deliver documents must be the originals

The grant holder must deliver a grant report up to 60 days after the grant finish date.