Bioactive glass compositions, their aplications and respective prepration methods


The present invention relates to development of set of bioactive glasses and glass- ceramics compositions that are able to promote a fast deposition layer of carbonated hydroxyapatite upon immersion in simulated body fluid (SBF) for time periods as short as one hour. Such compositions might include fluorides, and a variety of oxides (or their precursor compounds), such as Na2O - Ag2O - SrO - CaO - MgO - ZnO - P2O5 - SiO2 - Bi2O3 - B2O3 - CaF2 , be prepared by the melt route or by the sol-gel process, with the specific compositions and the preparation route selected according to the intended functionalities, which can present controlled biodegradation rates and bactericidal activity. The powders derived from glass melts purred in cold water (frits) may completely densify by sintering at temperatures up to 800 ºC without devitrification, resulting in bioglass compacts with high flexural strength (~85 MPa). The bioactive glass powders prepared by sol-gel densify at lower temperatures due to their higher specific surface area and reactivity.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

The present invention relates to development of alkali free bioactive and osteoconductive glasses with high biomineralization rates in vitro, expressed through a fast deposition surface layer of carbonated hydroxyapatite, detectable by X-ray diffraction after 1 h of immersion in simulated body fluid (SBF). Other distinctive features of the present invention, relatively to the state of the art, include: (i) excellent in vitro and in vivo performance; (ii) easy fabrication of 3D porous scaffolds; (iii) good sintering ability - full densification of the glassy matrix is achieved before crystallization starts, as revealed in Fig. 3; (iv) strong mechanical properties.


These materials can be clinically applied as bone grafts for the regeneration of hard tissues. After implantation they are slowly resorbed and replaced by new bone tissue during the healing process, being indicated for bony voids or gaps to fill and/or augment orthopaedics, oral, dental intraosseous and cranio/maxillofacial defects.


Ferreira, José; Goel, Ashutosh;

Our Inventors


Universidade de Aveiro
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