Ivana Jarak

Bolseiro de pós-Doutoramento


Technical-grade chlordane compromises rat Sertoli cells proliferation, viability and metabolic activity

Moreira, BP; Silva, JF; Jarak, I; Pereira, MD; Oliveira, PF; Alves, MG

The effects of the obesogen tributyltin on the metabolism of Sertoli cells cultured ex vivo

Cardoso, AM; Alves, MG; Sousa, AC; Jarak, I; Carvalho, RA; Oliveira, PF; Cavaco, JE; Rato, L
2018, ARCHIVES OF TOXICOLOGY, 92, 2, 601-610.

From the Cover: Metabolism Modulation in Different Organs by Silver Nanoparticles: An NMR Metabolomics Study of a Mouse Model

Jarak, I; Carrola, J; Barros, AS; Gil, AM; Pereira, MD; Corvo, ML; Duarte, IF
2017, TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 159, 2, 422-435.
ISBN: 1096-0929

Comparison of Antitumor Activity of Some Benzothiophene and Thienothiophene Carboxanilides and Quinolones in 2D and 3D Cell Culture System

Zlatar, I; Jelic, D; Kelava, V; Cindric, M; Jarak, I; Kostrun, S; Karminski-Zamola, G; Markovic, VG; Hranjec, M; Brajsa, K
2017, CROATICA CHEMICA ACTA, 90, 3, 413-424.

Metabolomics of silver nanoparticles toxicity in HaCaT cells: structure-activity relationships and role of ionic silver and oxidative stress

Carrola, J; Bastos, V; Jarak, I; Oliveira-Silva, R; Malheiro, E; Daniel-da-Silva, AL; Oliveira, H; Santos, C; Gil, AM; Duarte, IF
2016, NANOTOXICOLOGY, 10, 8, 1105-1117.

Testicular lactate content is compromised in men with Klinefelter Syndrome

Alves, MG; Martins, AD; Jarak, I; Barros, A; Silva, J; Sousa, M; Oliveira, PF

Testicular metabolic biomarkers in men with Klinefelter syndrome

Almeida, SP; Martins, AD; Jarak, I; Barros, A; Silva, J; Sousa, M; Oliveira, PF; Alves, MG
2016, MEDICINE, 95, 10.

Microscopic studies of liver and kidney in mice exposed to silver nanoparticles

Maral R., Carrola J., Jarak I., Luisa Corvo M., Duarte I.F., De Lourdes Pereira M.
2016, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 22, 18-19.

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