Aleksandr Bamburov

PhD Student


Bamburov Aleksandr


My current research focuses on the study of electrotransport properties of perovskite-type materials for their application in SOFC and membranes for partial oxidation of methane.

MSc in Chemistry

Ural Federal University


The studied disciplines include (among others): Quantum chemistry, Functional solid materials and methods for their preparation, Impedance spectroscopy, Structure and phase equilibria of condensed matter, X-ray phase and X-ray diffraction analysis.


Thesis Title: Structure and transport properties of complex oxides Sr1-xNdxFe0.8Mo0.2O3-d (x = 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2)

BSc in Chemistry

Ural Federal University



The studied disciplines include (among others):  Crystal chemistry, Chemical technology, Physical chemistry, Magnetochemistry, Quantum chemistry.


Thesis Title:Synthesis and electrotransport properties of composite materials based on lanthanum-strontium ferrite La0.5Sr0.5FeO3-δ / (MgO)




As a result of my education level described above and research work described below the following techniques were mastered by me: 

Glycine-nitrate synthesis, Solid-Phase synthesis, X-ray phase analysis, Scanning electron microscopy, EDX – which correspond to synthesis and characterization methods.

Coulometric titration, Measurement of electrical conductivity and thermo-EMF, Measurement of thermal expansion – which correspond to electrochemistry characterization methods.All these techniques allow me to control the course of the experiment from beginning to the end.



 IT:                         Applications: Microsoft Office Suite, Windows, Grapher, Zview2.

Programming:       Maple, Java, Origin, Sigma plot.

Languages:           Proficient in English and basic spoken French (self-taught). Driving:              




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