Multifunctional hybrid structures made of open-cell aluminum foam impregnated with cellulose/graphene nanocomposites


This work focuses on exploring combinations of disintegrated bacterial cellulose nanofibres (BC) with graphene oxide (GO) (reduced and non-reduced) and phase change materials (PCMs) prepared in the form of foam-like structures. The presence of GO remarkable improves the fire-retardancy and provides dimensional stability to the foams while PCMs gives thermal energy storage capacity. The foams were exposed to methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) vapour to become hydrophobic which was confirmed by measuring water absorption capacity and water contact angle. To extend the multifunctionality of these nanocomposite foams, a selected composition was impregnated into an open-cell aluminium foam creating a hybrid structure (Al-BC/GO) with higher mechanical properties (increase in stress of 100 times) and high sound absorption coefficient (near 1 between 1000-4000 Hz). The low thermal conductivity confirms that this hybrid structure is a thermal insulator. These advantages highlight the potential applications of the proposed materials e.g. construction, automotive and aeronautical sectors.



subject category

Chemistry; Polymer Science


Pinto, SC; Silva, NHCS; Pinto, RJB; Freire, CSR; Duarte, I; Vicente, R; Vesenjak, M; Marques, PAAP

our authors


The present study was supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the Grants SFRH/BD/111515/2015, UIDB/EMS/00481/2020 and UIDP/00481/2020 - FCT for the TEMA Research Unit and UID/CTM/50011/2020 for CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials. Research contract of R.J.B.P. is funded by national funds (OE), through FCT, in the scope of the framework contract foreseen in the numbers 4, 5 and 6 of the article 23, of the Decree-Law 57/2016, of August 29, changed by Law 57/2017, of July 19. We acknowledge CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-022083 - Centro Portugal Regional Operational Programme (Centro2020), under the PORTUGAL 2020 Partnership Agreement, through the European Regional Development Fund. FCT is also acknowledge research contract under Stimulus of Scientific Employment 2017 to C.S.R.F. (CEECIND/00464/2017)

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