The role of Zirconium as thermal stabilizer of PDMS-TEOS hybrids


Hybrid materials were prepared by sol-gel method using Tetraethylortosilicate and Polydimethylsiloxane silanol terminated with the addition of small contents of Zirconium Propoxide a parts per thousand currency sign5 wt%. The thermal stability of the prepared samples was studied by Infra-red spectroscopy, (29)Si Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Thermal Analysis and Scanning Electron Microscopy. All samples were monolithic after drying at 120 A degrees C. After heat treatment at 400 A degrees C the samples prepared with 0 wt% in Zirconium Propoxide present high porosity. It was found that the content in Zirconium Propoxide is directly related with the thermal stability of the hybrid materials prepared in this study.



subject category

Thermodynamics; Chemistry


Marques, MMP; Salvado, IMM; Margaca, FMA; Ferreira, LM

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