Effect of hydrogen implantation in 6H-SiC before and after thermal oxidation


In this study, we propose new approach to study on hydrogen implantation into SiC crystalline structure and its effect on thermal oxidation. This paper has investigated on effects of hydrogen implantation into the surface structure of 6H-SiC crystal before and after thermal oxidation in oxygen ambient. H ions were implanted in SiC with dose of 1 x 10(16) atoms/cm(2) and energy of 15 keV. AFM results of implanted and non-implanted areas show that roughness in the implanted area is more than the non-implanted but, we could not observe any evidence of implanting effect in the nano scrapes which were created during polish process. Also, crystal quality, effect of H implantation and depth of maximum concentration were determined by RBS-Channeling. Moreover, it shows that the collision of H ions has affected on the SiC atoms. Distribution and dose of H ions were estimated by ERD technique. Furthermore, bonding between SiC atoms was investigated in implanted and non-implanted areas by FTIR technique. In addition, FTIR results in two areas show a significant difference between both areas before and after oxidation in oxygen ambient.






Nia, BA; Solaymani, S; Ghaderi, A; Aligol, DA; Baghizadeh, A

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