Modeling 4f–4f intensity parameters as a function of structural distortions in Ln(2,2′-bipyridine-1,1′-dioxide)4(ClO4)3 complexes (Ln=Pr3+, Nd3+)
authors A.N. Carneiro, E. Huskowska, P. Gawryszewska, J. Legendziewicz, O.L. Malta
nationality International
journal Journal of Luminescence
abstract This work reports on the influence of structural distortions on 4 f-4 f intensity parameters. These distortions in the first coordination sphere were applied to two complexes with similar structures, Ln(bpyO2)4(ClO4)3 (Ln=Pr3+, Nd3+ ions and bpyO2=2,2’-bipyridine-1,1'-dioxide). The 4 f-4 f intensity theory and the PM3/Sparkle model were used. It is concluded that larger distortions are predicted in the case of the Pr complex, and that this point might contribute to the rationalization of the much higher values of the Ωλ intensity parameters in the Pr complex than in the Nd one.
year published 2016
volume 169
beginning page 454
ending page 457
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/j.jlumin.2015.02.028
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