Free Molecule Studies by Perturbed gamma-gamma Angular Correlation: A New Path to Accurate Nuclear Quadrupole Moments
authors Haas, H; Roder, J; Correia, JG; Schell, J; Fenta, AS; Vianden, R; Larsen, EMH; Aggelund, PA; Fromsejer, R; Hemmingsen, LBS; Sauer, SPA; Lupascu, DC; Amaral, VS
nationality International
abstract Accurate nuclear quadrupole moment values are essential as benchmarks for nuclear structure models and for the interpretation of experimentally determined nuclear quadrupole interactions in terms of electronic and molecular structure. Here, we present a novel route to such data by combining perturbed gamma-gamma angular correlation measurements on free small linear molecules, realized for the first time within this work, with state-of-the-art ab initio electronic structure calculations of the electric field gradient at the probe site. This approach, also feasible for a series of other cases, is applied to Hg and Cd halides, resulting in Q(Hg-199, 5/2(-)) = +0.674(17) b and Q(Cd-111, 5/2(+)) = +0.664(7) b.
issn 0031-9007
isbn 1079-7114
year published 2021
volume 126
issue 10
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.103001
web of science category 6
subject category Physics, Multidisciplinary
unique article identifier WOS:000627631100005
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