Multi-material NiTi-PEEK hybrid cellular structures by Selective Laser Melting and Hot Pressing: Tribological characterization


In this study, a multi-material NiTi-PEEK cellular structured solution was designed, produced and characterized targeting orthopedic applications. For that purpose, Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technique was used to produce NiTi cellular structures with different open-cell sizes and wall thicknesses. Hot Pressing (HP) technique was used to introduce PEEK in the open-cells of NiTi structures to obtain multi-material components. Morphological characterization showed that the selected SLM processing parameters were suited to achieve high-quality parts without significant defects. Tribological characterization proved an enhanced wear resistance to the multi-material specimens when compared with the mono-material NiTi structures. These multi-material structures are a promising solution for providing a customized stiffness and superior wear resistance to NiTi structures to be integrated in innovative orthopedic designs.


Engineering, Mechanical


Costa, MM; Bartolomeu, F; Palmeiro, J; Guimaraes, B; Alves, N; Miranda, G; Silva, FS

nossos autores


This work was supported by FCT (Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia) through the grant SFRH/BD/140191/2018 and by project NORTE 01-0145_FEDER-000018-HAMaBICo. Additionally, this work is supported by FCT with the reference project UID/EEA/04436/2019.

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