A post-synthetic modification strategy for the synthesis of pyrene-fused azaacene covalent organic frameworks


Post-synthetic modification strategy is presented to extend the pi-system of covalent organic framework (COF) backbone giving access to boronic ester based pyrene-fused azaacene COFs. Optimized catalyst-free reaction conditions yield COFs post-synthetically modified with up to 33% conversion and corresponding intriguing optical properties. The presented chemistry is expected to find application in post-synthetic tailoring of the optical properties of COFs.


Chemistry; Science & Technology - Other Topics; Materials Science


Fernandes, SPS; Frey, L; Cid-Seara, KM; Oliveira, O; Guldris, N; Carbo-Argibay, E; Rodriguez-Abreu, C; Kolen'ko, YV; Silva, AMS; Medina, DD; Salonen, LM



S.P.S.F. acknowledges the FCT FundaCao para a Ciencia e Tecno-logia for the Ph.D. scholarship SFRH/BD/131791/2017. This work received funding from the COFforH2 project (UTA-EXPL/NPN/0055/2019) through the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology funds under UT Austin Portugal, Charm project (PTDC/QUI-OUT/2095/ 2021) through the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology funds, The Excellence Clusters Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM)', and from the Free State of Bavaria through the Research Network Solar Technologies go Hybrid'

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