Dimeric calcium complexes of arabinan-rich pectic polysaccharides from Olea europaea L. cell walls
authors Ferreira, JA; Mafra, I; Soares, MR; Evtuguin, DV; Coimbra, MA
nationality International
author keywords pectic polysaccharides; calcium-pectin complexes; olive; crystallinity
abstract The study carried out in this work concerns the pectic polysaccharides of olive cell walls as present in olive pulp and that remained entrapped in the cellulosic residue after sequential extraction of the cell wall material (CWM) with imidazole, carbonate and KOH aqueous solutions. These polymers, obtained after neutralisation and dialysis of an aqueous suspension of the residue (sn-CR fraction), extracted with 4 M KOH, were arabinan-rich pectic polysaccharides. They accounted for 11-19% of the total pectic polysaccharides found in the olive pulp cell walls of fruits collected in two years and in three stages of ripening (green, cherry and black). The analysis by powder X-ray diffraction highlighted the existence, in all sn-CR fractions, of crystalline phases related with the presence of calcium-pectic polysaccharide complexes (CPPC) occurring in an amorphous carbohydrate network. The relative crystallinity of the CPPC varied linearly with the Ca(2+)/GalA molar ratio until a maximum of 0.57. Size-exclusion chromatography showed that sn-CR fractions possessed a bimodal molecular weight distribution. The lower molecular weight fraction of sn-CR (M(w) = 70-135 kDa) was independent on the ripening stage of olive fruit, whereas the higher molecular weight fraction showed values of 1.1, 0.6-0.9 and 0.5-0.7 MDa, respectively, for green, cherry and black olives. Treatment of the sn-CR pectic polysaccharides with a 2 M imidazole solution disrupted the CPPC crystalline network showing the loss of low molecular weight galacturonan-rich material during dialysis (12-14 kDa cut off) and the decrease of molecular weight of the polymers to roughly half. These results allowed to infer the presence of oligogalacturonides held within cell walls by calcium ions and that the pectic polysaccharides of sn-CR fraction occurred in olive pulp cell walls as calcium bridged macrodimers. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
issn 0144-8617
year published 2006
volume 65
issue 4
beginning page 535
ending page 543
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/j.carbpol.2006.02.013
web of science category Chemistry, Applied; Chemistry, Organic; Polymer Science
subject category Chemistry; Polymer Science
unique article identifier WOS:000240792000020
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