Processing and phase separation of LSMO-based multiferroic composite ceramics


In this paper, the effect of processing conditions on phase separation and crystal structure of (x) La(0.625)Sr(0.375)MnO(3)-(1-x) LuMnO(3) composite system was studied by XRD and SEM. The results con firm that there is a solid solution of monoclinic phase of space group P112(1)/a in this system, i.e. (La(0.625)Sr(0.375))(x)Lu(1-x)MnO(3) is formed for x = 0.980-1.0. For 0 < x <= 0.975, the immiscibility region shows clear separation of both La-rich and Lu-rich phases. The optimal preparation conditions were found for this system: sintering at 1250 and 1350 degrees C for samples of monoclinic La-rich phase and for the immiscibility region, respectively. (c) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.




Materials Science


Song, GB; Amaral, JS; Amaral, VS; Kholkin, AL

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