In the title compound, C16H20, one of the isopropyl groups shows almost equal displacements [1.252 (1) and -1.270 (1) angstrom] of its methyl-C atoms from the mean plane of the naphthalene ring system, while the other shows asymmetric displacements [1.586 (2) and -0.315 (1) angstrom]. In the crystal, the molecules are linked into sheets lying in the ab plane by three C-H center dot center dot center dot pi contacts, two involving donors belonging to the isopropyl groups and the third a donor atom from the naphthalene ring system. The different orientations of the isopropyl groups might be attributed to the fact that the C-H center dot center dot center dot pi interaction involving one of them is enhanced by the C-H center dot center dot center dot pi interaction involving the aromatic ring.




Schroder, B; Gomes, LR; Low, JN

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The authors are grateful to Dr Bernd Godry and Rutgers Novares GmbH for the donation of a sample of the title compound. BS acknowledges the Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT) and the European Social Fund (ESF) under the 3rd Community Support Framework (CSF) for the award of a post-doctoral grant (grant No. SFRH/BPD/38637/2007) and the award of research project PTDC/AAC-AMB/121161/2010.

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