Nanoporous Piezo- and Ferroelectric Thin Films


Nanoporous barium titanate and lead titanate thin films (similar to 100 nm calculated from ellipsometric data) are prepared starting from sol gel solutions modified with a commercially available block-copolymer and evaporation-induced self-assembly methodology. The tuning of the thermal treatment followed by in situ ellipsometry allows the decomposition of the organic components and of the structuring agent leading to the formation of porous tetragonal crystalline perovskite structures as observed by XRD, HRTEM, SEM, and ellipsoporosimetry. Both nanoporous barium titanate and lead titanate thin films present local piezoelectric and ferroelectric behavior measured by piezoresponse force microscopy (PFM), being promising platforms for the preparation of the generation of new multifunctional systems.




Chemistry; Materials Science


Ferreira, P; Hou, RZ; Wu, AY; Willinger, MG; Vilarinho, PM; Mosa, J; Laberty-Robert, C; Boissiere, C; Grosso, D; Sanchez, C

nossos autores


The authors thank FCT and FEDER (QREN - COMPETE) for funding the project PTDC/CTM/098130/2008, FCT/CNRS program, and the European Network of Excellence FAME as well as the Portuguese network of electron microscopy, the RNME, FCT Project REDE/1509/RME/2005. Nathalie Barroca is acknowledged for help with the PFM measurements.

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