Carbamates: Human Exposure and Health Effects


The findings reported here are parts of a biomonitoring study to determine the concentration and distribution of organochlorinated pesticide residues in mussel’s Mytilus Galloprovincialus in a station considered hot-spot of Albania Coast, Porto-Romano located in Adriatic Sea. Organochlorinated pesticides such as DDT, Lindane, Hexachlorbanzene, Heptachlor and Aldrine were used widely before 90’ in Albania for agricultural purposes. The former Chemical Enterprise located in Porto-Romano produced for almost two decades pesticides, mostly Lindane. In working period Lindane Plant has generated pollution because of discharging waste directly to the sea. As a result of recent development in agriculture, after 90’ the use of pesticides in general has decreased. Tones of pesticides in this area but not only, which due to the inappropriate conditions of conservation and storage have been damaged. Considerable part of stock pesticides finished also to the sea because the mismanagement and atmospheric factors.


Freire CSR, Fernandes SCM, Silvestre AJD, Neto CP, Gandini A

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