2D Layered Bimetallic Phosphorous Trisulfides MIMIIIP2S6 (MI = Cu, Ag; MIII = Sc, V, Cr, In) for Electrochemical Energy Conversion

Filipa M. Oliveira, Jan Paštika, Iva Plutnarová, Vlastimil Mazánek, Karol Strutyński, Manuel Melle-Franco, Zdeněk Sofer, and Rui Gusmão
2023, Small Methods.

3D-printed red mud/metakaolin-based geopolymers as water pollutant sorbents of methylene blue

Nuno P.F. Gonçalves, Susana M. Olhero, João A. Labrincha, Rui M. Novais
2023, Journal of Cleaner Production, 383.

A Computational Study on Polar ABiO3 (A = Ca, Zn, Mg) Compounds with Large Electric Polarization

Florina Ștefania Rus, João Nuno Gonçalves
2023, Crystals.

A Molybdenum(VI) Complex of 5-(2-pyridyl-1-oxide)tetrazole: Synthesis, Structure, and Transformation into a MoO3-Based Hybrid Catalyst for the Epoxidation of Bio-Olefins

Nunes, MS; Gomes, DM; Gomes, AC; Neves, P; Mendes, RF; Paz, FAA; Lopes, AD; Pillinger, M; Valente, AA; Gonçalves, IS
2023, Catalysts.

A novel smart coating with hexacyanoferrate intercalated layered double hydroxides nanoadditive for early detection of carbon steel corrosion

Alesia Sushkova, Rodrigo Montes, Tiago Paulino, Isabel Sousa, Cristina Neves, Mário G. S. Ferreira and João Tedim
2023, Frontiers in Chemical Engineering, 5.

A Supramolecular Injectable Methacryloyl Chitosan-tricine-based Hydrogel with 3D printing potential for tissue engineering applications

Pedro M.S. Ouro, Dora C.S. Costa, Adérito J.R. Amaral, João F. Mano
2023, Macromolecular Bioscience.

Aqueous biphasic systems comprising analogues of glycine-betaine ionic liquids : Toward greener separation platforms

Cardoso, Inês S Sosa, Filipe H B Silvestre, Armando J D Robert, Anthony Freire, Mara G Mohamadou, Aminou
2023, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy.

Assessing CO2 Capture in Porous Sorbents via Solid-State NMR-Assisted Adsorption Techniques

Marina Ilkaeva, Ricardo Vieira, João Pereira, Mariana Sardo, Ildefonso Marín Montesinos and Luís Mafra
2023, Journal of the Americam Chemical Society.

Bioactive Magnetic Materials in Bone Tissue Engineering: A Review of Recent Findings in CaP-Based Particles and 3D-Printed Scaffolds

Tania S. S. Carvalho, Paula M. C. Torres, João H. Belo, João Mano, and Susana M. Olhero
2023, Advanced NanoBiomed Research, 3, 9.

Bioactive Self-Regulated Liquified Microcompartments to Bioengineer Bone-Like Microtissues

Ana R. Pinho; Gomes, Maria C. Gomes; Dora C. S. Costa; Mano, João F. Mano
2023, Small.

Bioinspired Oxidation-Resistant Catechol-like Sliding Ring Polyrotaxane Hydrogels

M. Isabel Rial-Hermida, Dora C. S. Costa, Lan Jiang, João M. M. Rodrigues, Kohzo Ito, João F. Mano
2023, Gels, 9, 2.

Biomimetic Adhesive Micropatterned Hydrogel Patches for Drug Release

Katia R. Amaral; A. Sofia Silva, Lúcia F. Santos, Edgar J. Castanheira, Maria C. Mendes, Dora C.S. Costa, João M. M. Rodrigues, Joana Marto, João F. Mano
2023, Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Brewer’s Spent Yeast Cell Wall Polysaccharides as Vegan and Clean Label Additives for Mayonnaise Formulation

Sofia F. Reis; Pedro A. R. Fernandes; Vítor J. Martins; Sara Gonçalves; Luís P. Ferreira; Vítor M. Gaspar; Diogo Figueira; Diogo Castelo-Branco; João F. Mano; Manuel A. Coimbra; Elisabete Coelho
2023, Molecules.

C60+C60 molecular bonding revisited and expanded

Jorge Laranjeira, Karol Strutyński, Leonel Marques, Emilio Martínez-Núñez, Manuel Melle-Franco
2023, Carbon.

Combining eutectic solvents and food-grade silica to recover and stabilize anthocyanins from grape pomace

de Souza Mesquita, Leonardo M Sosa, Filipe H B Contieri, Letícia S Marques, Priscilla R Viganó, Juliane Coutinho, João A P C.R.V. Dias, Ana Ventura, Sónia P M Rostagno, Maurício A
2023, Food Chemistry.

Combining eutectic solvents and pressurized liquid extraction coupled in-line with solid-phase extraction to recover{,} purify and stabilize anthocyanins from Brazilian berry waste

de Souza Mesquita, Leonardo M Contieri, Letícia S Sosa, Filipe H B Pizani, Rodrigo S Chaves, Jaisa Viganó, Juliane Ventura, Sónia P M Rostagno, Maurício A
2023, Green Chem..

Contribution of non-ionic interactions on bile salt sequestration by chitooligosaccharides: Potential hypocholesterolemic activity

Filipe Coreta-Gomes, Inês M.V. Silva, Claudia Nunes, Ildefonso Marin-Montesinos, Dmitry Evtuguin, Carlos F.G.C. Geraldes, Maria João Moreno, Manuel A. Coimbra
2023, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 646 .

Covalent connectivity of glycogen in brewer's spent yeast cell walls revealed by enzymatic approaches and dynamic nuclear polarization NMR

Rita Bastos, Ildefonso Marín-Montesinos, Sónia S. Ferreira, Frédéric Mentink-Vigier, Mariana Sardo, Luís Mafra, Manuel A. Coimbra, Elisabete Coelho
2023, Carbohydrate Polymers, 324.

Deep eutectic solvents for improved biomass pretreatment: Current status and future prospective towards sustainable processes

del Mar Contreras-Gámez, M., Galán-Martín, Á., Seixas, N., da Costa Lopes, A. M., Silvestre, A., and Castro, E.
2023, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 369, 128396.

Direct C-H Arylation of Dithiophene-Tetrathiafulvalene: Tuneable Electronic Properties and 2D Self-Assembled Molecular Networks at the Solid/Liquid Interface

C. Ribeiro, G. Valente, M. Espinosa, R. A. Silva, D. Belo, S. Gil-Guerrero, N. Arisnabarreta, K. Mali, S. De Feyter, M. Melle-Franco, M. Souto
2023, Chem. Eur. J. , 29.