Monomers, Polymers and Composites from Renewable Resources
authors Naceur BM, Alessandro G
editors Naceur BM, Alessandro G
chapter title Materials from Vegetable Oils: Major Sources, Properties and Applications
nationality International
abstract This chapter summarizes the most recent advances in the realm of the modification of vegetable oils aimed at their use in the preparation of polymeric materials. After a brief description of the most important industrial oils, their major sources, their worldwide production, some of their properties and isolation procedures are reviewed. This chapter also discussed the crosslinking of oils by vinyl monomers and by metal-catalyzed reactions, the formation of interpenetrating networks, the modification of epoxidized and castor oils, and the polymerization of the resulting products. Subsequently, different oil-based polyurethanes, polyamides, polyester-amides, alkyd resins and, polyesters and poly(hydroxyalkanoates) are reviewed. With each family of oil-based polymers, the most promising materials and their relevant properties are singled out stressing their suitability to replace, at least partially, petroleum-based counterparts.
publisher Elsevier, lda
isbn 978-0-08-045316-3
year published 2008
beginning page 39
ending page 66

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