João António Labrincha Batista
  Associate Professor with Aggregation  
  phone: 234 370 250  
  extension: 22 919  
  department: Materials and Ceramic Engineering  
  group: 4 - biorefineries, biobased materials and recycling
  line: 3 - sustainability
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Short CV

João Labrincha is Associate Professor at the Materials and Ceramics Engineering Department of the University of Aveiro and member of the Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composites (CICECO), Associate Laboratory. Following his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (University of Aveiro, 1993) he implemented a research line on Wastes Recycling and Sustainable Use of Resources. Simultaneously he leaded the creation of Pos-grad studies in that field. Other research interests include ceramic processing, novel cements (reduced CO2 emissions) and functional mortars.

He was Head of Department (1997-1999) and was Vice-director of the Research Unit (1995-1997). Since 2009 is member of the Scientific board of the University.

As teacher he was responsible for more than 10 disciplines of distinct MSc and PhD programmes. Topics on Raw Materials and Recycling were explored.

João Labrincha participated in 23 R&D projects (8 as leader/responsible) and in 15 Contracts/projects financed/in cooperation with industries.

João Labrincha has 22 patent applications (two of those as International PTC), and has more than 220 publications (over 170 papers belonging to the SCI). He was cited more than 1800 times and has h = 24 (Scopus in Jun. 2013). He is Associate Editor of Clay Minerals (Mineralogical Society) and Cerâmica Industrial (Brazilian Ceramic Society).

He is author/co-author of 6 books/book chapters and editor of 2 books.

He supervised 11 PhD and 41 MSc theses and has now 6 new students under progress.

He acted as a reviewer (more than 100 times in the last 5 years) of significant scientific journals like Environmental Science & Technology, J. Hazardous Materials, Chemosphere, Environmental Chemistry Letters, Nanoscale Research Letters, Waste Management, etc.

He was member of the Organizing/Scientific Commission of several International Congresses (WasteEng12 - 4th International Conference on Engineering for Waste and Biomass Valorisations, Porto, 2012; 12th International Ceramics Congress (CIMTEC), Italy, 2010), acted as Chairman in many other (e.g., REWAS 2004, Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology, Madrid), and was also invited as speaker in distinct events.

He acted also as referee of projects applications for the Portuguese "Agência de Inovação" and for the Polish Science Foundation.

Since the December/2012 he is member of the Operational Group #2 of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (

More Information

Five Selected Projects

1. ECO-SEE - “Eco-innovative, Safe and Energy Efficient wall panels and materials for a healthier indoor environment", FP7-European Project, ref. EeB.NMP.2013-2 (09/2013-08/2017).

2. SELFCLEAN - “Superfícies cerâmicas autolimpantes”, Projecto QREN em Co-promoção, Promotor RECER (10/2011-03/2014).

3. THERMOCER – “Pavimentos cerâmicos com materiais com mudança de fase para melhoria da eficiência energética em edifícios”, Projecto QREN em Co-promoção, Promotor CINCA (09/2012-08/2014).

4. ECOPIGMENTS - “Development of novel inorganic pigments from industrial wastes", FCT-PTDC/CTM/72318/2006, (2008-2010).

5. ECOINERT - “Inertization of metallurgical residues by stabilisation in ceramic products”, CRAFT Project BE-S2-2260, (1998-1999).

Five Recent Selected Publications

1. C. Piccirillo, C.W. Dunnill, R.C. Pullar, D.M. Tobaldi, J.A. Labrincha, I.P. Parkin, M.M. Pintado, P.M.L. Castro, “Calcium phosphate-based materials of natural origin showing photocatalytic activity”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1, 6452-6461 (2013).

2. D.M. Tobaldi, R.C. Pullar, A.F. Gualtieri, M.P. Seabra, J.A. Labrincha, “Sol-gel synthesis, characterisation and photocatalytic activity of pure, W-, Ag- and W/Ag co-doped TiO2 nanopowders”, Chemical Eng. Journal, 214, 364-375 (2013).

3. D.V. Ribeiro, J.A. Labrincha, M.R. Morelli, “Effect of the addition of red mud on the corrosion parameters of reinforced concrete”, Cement and Concrete Research, 42, 124-133 (2012).

4. W. Hajjaji, M.P. Seabra, J.A. Labrincha, “Evaluation of metal-ions containing sludges in the preparation of black inorganic pigments”, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 185[2-3] 619-625 (2011).

5. R. Rajamma, R.J. Ball, L.A.C. Tarelho, G.C. Allen, J.A. Labrincha, V.M. Ferreira, “Characterisation and use of biomass fly ash in cement-based materials”. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 172[2-3] 1049-1060 (2009).

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