Teresa Margarida dos Santos

Retired Professor

Short CV

Teresa Margarida Santos was born in Sarrazola ( Cacia ) on February 22, 1954 . She graduated in Chemistry-Educational Branch, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto (1977) . After "Scientific and Pedagogical Capacity Skill Profs" in the Chemistry Department of University of Aveiro, in 1987, obtained her PhD in Chemistry ( Inorganic ) in 1995, also at Aveiro University, under Professor Júlio Pedrosa de Jesus supervision, with the thesis "Coordination Chemistry of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) compounds related with the biological effects of Chromium". Before landing in Aveiro she was a High School Teacher across the country, with a brief passage in UTAD University. Since 1983 her professional activities have been developed in the  Chemistry Department of the University of Aveiro, where she is Assistant Professor.



Scientific Interests

Inorganic Chemistry / Coordination Chemistry: design, synthesis and characterization of new coordination compounds of biological interest. In particular ruthenium(II) with macrocyclic and other ligands (polypyridilic, aminoacids and DNA bases, etc.), and also copper (I/II) and iron(II/III) as models of anti-tumor or cytotoxic agents. Interaction of these compounds with base sequences and / or DNA. Synthesis of new complexes for studying mechanisms of toxicity in vitro and in vivo (chromium and ruthenium). Synthesis and characterization of "extended" structures with bridging ligands.

Chemistry of Materials: mesoporous and lamellar structures with supported compounds for applications in catalysis.

Other interests: Chemistry in Education - new pedagogical strategies in Secondary School.

Teaching Activity

Main disciplines: Inorganic Chemistry II, Bioinorganic Chemistry; Environmental Inorganic Chemistry (Undergraduate) and Chemistry and Life (Master); Seminars

Laboratory disciplines: Environmental Inorganic Chemistry; Chemistry I; Chemistry II; Q 303; Q 416; Q 506; Q 626; Inorganic Chemistry II; Laboratory I; Project (final discipline in Licenciatura).

Has been very active in supervising Teaching Practice in various basic and secondary schools in the region of Aveiro.

Present projects

Projecto STRIDE "Química e Bioquímica da toxicidade de compostos de crómio" (1992-1995), (member of the team).

Projecto STRIDE "Modificação Química de Fibras Vegetais por iões inorgânicos para a produção de biocompósitos" (1992-1995), (member of the team).

Projecto do Senado da Universidade de Aveiro “Complexos de Ru(II) com ligandos macrocíclicos e polipiridílicos: caracterização estrutural, estudo por espectrometria de massa dos produtos das reacções in vitro com oligonucleótidos e avaliação da sua toxicidade in vivo” (1997-2000) (member of the team).

PRAXIS/PCEX/QUI/0122/96 Project “Ruthenium(II) complexes with macrocyclic polyridyl containing ligands: synthesis , structural characterisation, molecular modelling, in vitro studies of their DNA interactions and in vivo evaluation of their toxicity” (1998-2001), (member of the team).

Luso-German Action - CRUP (A-15/99):“Bimetallic M….M Catalysts stabilized by solvent molecules: synthesis and catalytic applications” (1998-2000),(member of the team).

Luso-Spanish Action-CRUP(E-60/00): “Synthesis and characterisation of new ruthenium(II) polypyridylic complexes. Electropolymerization and applications in catalysis” (2000-2002) (portuguse coordinator).

SAPIENS Project (1999/QUI/32889): “Heteregenization of complexes with catalytic and photochemical activities in mesoporous oxides”(1999-2002), (member of the team).

SAPIENS Project (POCTI/2001/QUI/42883): “Study of the oligodessoxyribonucleotide duplexes with ruthenium(II) complexes by mass spectrometry”(2002-2004), (member of the team).

I&DT Project (Health Sciences / Universidade de Aveiro):“Traditional and innovative diagnosis techniques in the biomonotoring of the effects of metals in mice: hematologigical and male fertility studies” (2002-2005), (member of the team).

POCTI Project (POCTI/CTM/58507/2004): “Multifunctional anionic clays”(2005-2008), (member of the team).

Selected Publications

PhD Thesis (Chemistry Department, UA,1995):“Química de coordenação de Crómio relacionada com os efeitos biológicos de compostos de Cr(III) e de Cr(VI)”.

Chromium toxicity studies:

  1. Cr(VI) induced alterations in mouse spleen cells. A short term assay, R. P. Neves, T. M. Santos, M. L. Pereira, J. P. de Jesus, Cytobios, 2001,106,S1,27-34.
  2. Comparative Histological Studies on Liver of Mice Exposed to Cr(VI) and Cr(V), R. P. Neves, T. M. Santos, M. L. Pereira, J. P. de Jesus, Human Experm Toxicol, 2002, 21(7), 365-369.
  3. Cr(V) involvement in the toxicity pathway of testis damage, M. L. Pereira, T. M. Santos, R P. Neves, F.G. Costa, J. P. de Jesus, Asian J Androl, 2002, 4(2), 153-155.
  4. Functional changes of mice Sertoli cells induced by Cr(V), M. L. Pereira, T. M. Santos, F G e Costa, J. P de Jesus, Cell Mol Biol, 2004, 20(5), 285-291.
  5. Effect of Cr(V) on reproductive organs, morphology and sperm parameters: na experimental study in mice, M. L. Pereira, R. P. Neves, H. Oliveira, T. M. Santos, J. Pedrosa de Jesus, Environ. Health:a Global Access Science Source, 2005, 4(9), 1-8.
  6. Histopathological effects of hexavalent chromium in mice kidneys, H. Oliveira, T. M. Santos, J. Ramalho-Santos, M. L. Pereira, Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 2006, 76(6), 977-983.
  7. Evaluation of in vivo reproductive toxicity of potassiumchromate in male mice, Helena Oliveira, Marcello Spanó, Miguel A. Guevara, Teresa M. Santos, Conceição Santos, M. Lourdes Pereira, Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology, 2010, 62, 391-404.

Synthesis, characterization and several studies of complexes:

  1. A kinetic and equilibrium study of the reaction of potassium and sodium bis-cysteinato(N,O,S)-Cr(III) in moderately acidic solutions, P. O´Brien, J. P. de Jesus, T. M. Santos, Inorg Chim Acta, 1987, 131,5-7.
  2. On the CD of tris(S-alaninato)Cr(III):absolute configurations and evidence for unexpected lability, J. P. de Jesus, T. M. Santos, P. O´Brien, Polyhedron, 1991, 10, 575-577.
  3. Solution studies of some chromium(III) complexes with Cr-S bonds. 2-Kinetic and equilibrium studies of cysteinato and penicillaminato-Cr(III) complexes, T. M. Santos, J. P. de Jesus, P. O´Brien, Polyhedron,1992,11,1687-1695.
  4. Characterization of a-aminoacidato Cr(III) complexes by FAB MS, T. M. Santos, J. P. de Jesus, F. Amado, P. Domingues, M. G. S.-Marques, A. F.-Correia, Polyhedron, 1996, 15, 2887-2894.
  5. Synthesis and structural characterisation of new Ru(II)[12]aneS4 complexes with polypyridylic and related ligands, T. M. Santos, B. Goodfellow, J. Madureira, J. P. de Jesus, V. Félix, M. Drew, New J Chem, 1999, 23, 1015-1025.
  6. Structural characterization of new Ru(II)[9]aneS3 polypyridylic complexes, J. Madureira, T. M. Santos, B. Goodfellow, M. Lucena, J. P. de Jesus, M. G. S.-Marques, M. Drew, V. Félix, Dalton Trans, 2000, 23, 4422-4431.
  7. Unusual chloride versus macrocycle competition in Ru(II)([9]aneS3)(HCpz3)Cl+:a combined theoretical and experimental study, A. M. Amado, V. Félix, J. Madureira, T. M. Santos, P. R.-Claro, J Inorg Biochem, 2001, 86(1), 123-B.
  8. Interaction of Ru(II)-dipyridophenazine complexes with CT-DNA: effects of the polythioether ancillary ligands, T. M. Santos, J. Madureira, V. Félix, B. Goodfellow, Metal-Based Drugs, 2001, 8(3), 125-136.
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  16. Complex DNA-Binding Kinetics Resolved by Combined Circular Dichroism and Luminescence Analysis”, F. Westerlund, P. Nordell, J. Blechingerb, Teresa M. Santos, B. Nordén, P. Lincoln, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2008, 112, 6688-6694.
  17. Structural Studies on supramolecular adducts of cyclodextrins with the complex [Ru([9]aneS3)bpyCl]Cl, J. Marques, L. Anjo, M. P. M. Marques, T. M. Santos, F. A. A. Paz, S. S. Braga, J. Organometallic Chemistry, 2008, 693, 3021-3028.
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 Materials and catalysis:

  1. Reactions between Cr(VI) and wood and its model compounds. Part 1:a qualitative kinetic study of the reduction of Cr(VI), F. C. Jorge, T. M. Santos, J. P. de Jesus, W. B. Banks, Wood Science and Technology, 1999, 33, 487-499.
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